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Windows 10 Tweaking Guide

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On 4/4/2021 at 4:53 PM, jfk said:

Isn’t that a link to only the current versions? Isn’t Windows Enterprise LTSB 2016 (1607)  the ‘proper version’ for WATCHOUT?

you are right. this is new version .right now i am uploading ltsb 2016 but i am not shure you can buy 1607 activations key.its 4,5 gb and my upload speed is terrible.i will share download link after upload prosess completed


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i added link
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Resmi Windows 10 Tweaking Guide yayınlandı ve ücretsiz indirilebilir. Kılavuz, Windows 10 Enterprise'ın WATCHOUT ile güvenilir performans için nasıl ayarlanacağını açıklar: 

Not certain about the impression, Alex. Yet, LTSB isn't accessible except if you have volume concurrence with Microsoft. For most of the selv developers, that isn't relevant - however for the individuals who can utilize the LTSB rendition that would undoubtedly be the awesome.

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Hi . it would be great if anyone can upload a tweaked win 10 edition without activating it..   so that we can create copies of these and install in our systems.   we been tried many times to use win 10 but during registry settings tweaking..  os just crashes.. so we still stuck with win 7 on all systems...  any advice would be appreciated...thank you...

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26 minutes ago, AustinNorth said:

Hi guys, I have a lot of bugs in the system lately what can be a problem?

Are you saying it used to run without issue and this is now changed? if so, system attacked?

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