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Feature requests? - POST here

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33 minutes ago, Playground said:

This might already be here but I would love the ability to change the timeline(s) from Minutes seconds to Time code or Frames etc.

Something similar exists in the status window. You can display main timeline position in hours, minutes, seconds, frames by changing the time display to the timecode format of your choice.

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I've been involved in a very big project where I had to add many correction points and it's quite hard when I have to select, modify, so would good to have for the next version a zoom option in the geometry tap of the Display window.

Same in the View and Calibrate taps for 3D projectors.

Best regards,


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EDITED: Feature request by a broadcaster with maybe a hundred  tasks- Option for changing the color of the Task name and folder so that different Tasks can be grouped together

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wrong request
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Yes, that's why I posted a feature request indeed :)


They are into folders but we are talking about more than 100 tasks, it's the playout for the whole news set. 
I've given them one Elgato Streamdeck XL, it's also very good for fast buttons

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On 1/26/2021 at 2:52 PM, RBeddig said:

It's not possible to color tasks but you could sort tasks into folders to keep them sorted.

Another good option would be to use https://universe-control.com/

It's pretty affordable and has a pretty tight control over WATCHOUT and many other devices.


I'm strongly agree with you.

I'm UV fan and it's best show controller software in my experience.


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