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Dante Virtual Sound Card not sending sound to Dante Controller through WO 6.4.4

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I'm having an issue using Dante Sound Card and WO. I have a two NIC motherboard and I'm running windows 10 and WO 6.4.4. I have set an IP address on NIC one for WO I have also changed the metrics priority to 1. The second NIC is for Dante and is set to auto obtain IP and the metric priority is set for auto. WO sees Dante VSC and is set to use it and Dante controller sees the computer but no sound shows as playing. I am playing 5.1 sound using a multichannel WAV file in WO. I have also used the DVSC before on earlier versions and Windows 7.  Does anyone have any experience with this sort of issue?
FYI, I also tried a USB NIC to see if that would help. It had the same result.
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I see you have cross posted this in the Facebook WATCHOUT User Group. So i will duplicate my response from that thread.

It is true, Dataton does not support specific vendors products. Dataton supports standards. Prior to v6.3, Dante was supported via the Microsoft WDM standard. v6.3 and later changed audio support to the more modern profesional standard ASIO (and the newer Microsoft standard WASAPI). Dante Virtual Sound card offers support for both WDM & ASIO standards.
So when migrating from versions before 6.3 to 6.3 and later you may very well need to reinstall audio drivers. Also, with 6.3+ make sure that WO output sample rate is identical to Dante’s output rate. Those values have to match. In WATCHOUT 6.2.2 this is something out of user control(and setup automatically), but with WO 6.3. and higher this has to be set up manually. 
DVS has been a topic of conversation among the support team earlier this week and they assure me that current WATCHOUT versions are tested and confirmed working with Dante Virtual Sound card. And no, there has been no recent changes related to Dante in ASIO WATCHOUT versions, if it works with 6.6.5 it should work with any 6.3+ version.

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