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5 Shark Best Vacuums For Long Hair That Make Vacuuming Easy


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Do you dread cleaning the brush roll after each session because it is clogged with snarled hair? Is it necessary to maintain your vacuum on a regular basis to keep it clog-free and operating?

Or are you bothered with choosing a good vacuum cleaner for long hair?

We will present you the 5 best vacuums for long hair in this article. These machines do not get tied up with long hair and can easily pick up obstinate hair from carpets.

1. Shark Apex Upright With Self-Cleaning Brushroll AZ1002

Shark Apex is the best vacuum for human hair with the greatest suction power. It is the finest cleaner for all-round cleaning since it has Shark technology.

When it comes to eliminating twisted hair from the brush roll, the Anti-Hair Wrap method is quite successful. While this function does not stop hair from looping around the brush roll, it does aggressively eliminate hair bundles while the machine is running.

The Apex 1350 watt motor produces the greatest water lift suction in the Shark range, at 101 inches. To control the pressure over several stories, there are three flooring options. To ensure the best performance, the suction and brush roll rotating speeds adjust at each level.

Apex's cleaning effectiveness is extended further than the floors with the Powered Lift-away mode. You can reach behind the bed, couches, and kitchen cupboards in the lift-away function. You may use the Apex as a strong handheld vacuum to clean staircases, wall mounts, window frames, and other surfaces with this function. Customers adore this function because of its adaptability and flexibility.

Despite its numerous unique characteristics, the Shark Apex is not the best vacuum in the industry. It has several flaws which should not be overlooked. The suction can't be turned down low enough just to clean throw carpets, draperies, tablecloths, and other decorative items.

2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Speed With Zero-M ZU561

The Shark Navigator Speed is a trustworthy vacuum cleaner for people searching for the best vacuum to pick up hair at a reasonable cost.

Although the Navigator isn't the strongest device it does have the same Zero-M function as the Apex, which helps remove hair bundles more smoothly.

Its Zero-M or anti-hair wrap cleaner head aggressively eliminates hair entanglement while the vacuum operates, minimizing the need to extract them from the brush roll after every cleanup cycle. Removing hairs from rugs will no longer be a bother with its self-cleaning brush roll.

Furthermore, in the Lift-Away mode, it transforms into a handheld vacuum, making above-surface vacuuming a snap.

3. Shark Vertex Upright with DuoClean PowerFins AZ2002

The Navigator is less expensive than the expensive Shark Apex and Shark Vertex, yet it cleans rugs just as well. The Navigator provides quality products at affordable prices.

The Navigator, unlike the Apex, has only two flooring options: bare floor and rug.

The Shark upright line’s newest version is the Vertex AZ2002. Its one-of-a-kind brush roll with silicone fins makes it the best vacuum for hair on carpets without leaving any apparent hair wrapping.

The DuoClean PowerFins feature is a more powerful version of the original DuoClean roller. The rear roller of this innovative design includes flexible silicone fins and short bristles.

Fine dust, big fragments, and other particles are picked up off the ground by the flexible fins, which make continuous contact with the surface. In addition, each sweep covers a larger area. As a result, you won't have to repeat the same steps, resulting in cost savings.

Furthermore, for hard surfaces, the soft front roller is a necessity. Rather than dispersing or pushing big particles or heaps of trash away, it draws them into the nozzle. Meanwhile, it washes the ground for a more lustrous appearance.

The Vertex, like the Apex, has the Powered Lift-Away feature, which gives it 3-in-1 flexibility. No more worrying about how to clean wood floors - best way to clean hardwood floors covered with human hair, as it would do the rest.

Using the motorized lift-away mode, you can easily access household goods. You may also use the pod to reach high areas such as walls, shelves by lifting it. Furthermore, the suction settings are conveniently located on the handle, making transitioning from rugs to floors a snap.

4. Shark Navigator Pet Pro With Zero-M ZU62

The Shark Navigator Pet Pro is an update to the Lift-Away Speed that is intended specifically for households with several furry animals. This one features a Zero-M cleaning head for removing lengthy hair coils around the brush roll.

The Pet Pro features a 2.8-quart waste container, which is three times larger than that of the Speed. The extra-large dust cup allows you to keep cleaning without having to stop every few minutes to empty the container.

On rugs and floors, it offers the same high power and thorough cleaning capacity as the Speed.

The Pet Pro, on the other hand, lacks the Lift-Away function, making it less adaptable for whole-house cleaning. Although it features a 12-foot hose to compensate for its lack of mobility, some owners are put off by the length. When the vacuum hose is extended further than a particular point, it causes the machine to tip over.

Both vacuum cleaners are priced similarly. If you or any of your family members experience heavy hair loss, the Navigator Pet Pro is the best vacuum for long human hair, as long as you do not care about the loss of maneuverability that the Lift-Away offers.

5. Shark Apex Uplight Stick Vacuum LZ602


The Apex Uplight is a light stick vacuum that has the suction of an upright one. This corded stick, as its upright version, has a Zero-M brushroll to help you get rid of those pesky hair knots. It also comes with an extra soft roller for better cleaning on tile floors.

The Apex Uplight replaces the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light ZS351 that was previously available. The Uplight has a distinctive look that sets it apart from past Shark stick versions. Owing to a more optimized airflow channel, the Apex Uplight offers 30% greater suction and airflow than the previous Rocket Ultra-Light.

In carpet and crevice deep cleaning, its amazing strength is justified. The Uplight corded stick also offers greater airflow than the Dyson V11 and other cordless options on the market.

This beast can even outperform a luxury canister vacuum when it comes to flexibility. The entire device is flexible, making it simple to adapt to changing cleaning needs.

However, every one of these cutting-edge capabilities comes at a higher cost. It is, however, still less costly than the premium cordless versions from rivals. The Apex Uplight LZ602 is an excellent choice if you want an agile stick vacuum without sacrificing the strength of a large upright one.

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We have reached the conclusion of my list. Thank you for sticking with us through the entire article. We hope we were able to assist you in selecting the best vacuum for long hair and that we were able to answer your questions. 

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments section below, and we will do our best to assist you. Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions for vacuums that are not on the site.

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