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Display with Geforce RTX 2060 problems

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Hi Everyone,

I'm making a display PC with Geforce RTX 2060, Intel I7 CPU, Acer motherboad, Win10 pro. I use the last version of GPU driver, 471.68.

The PC works perfectly without WO, it runs 4 displays 1920x1200 without any problems. I followed all the tweaking guide and when I go online none error appears in WO production, but the video doesn't run well, it seems lacking of the synchronism and I can see just stripes.  None error message appear on the production PC, and I can control the start and stop of the video and other functions but the image is bad. I tried others drivers og GPU but the same result. Only removing all the drivers of the GPU sometime it seems to work but it starts other malfunctions. I tried many others things: about WO version, Win10 setting, etc.. but  the malfunction continues.

Is there anyone that use the same GPU? Any tips?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Everyone!

I have the same problem. The older Nvidia GPU driver (460.89) solved the problem on the Production PC (Geforce GTX 1050Ti). But I have 2 Display PC with Geforce RTX 3060 GPU. I can only use this gpu with newer driver (466.27 ).


What is the solution for this problem ? 








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On 10/1/2021 at 12:59 PM, artboy said:

DATATON says there is no way until NVIDIA solves it. They just tell us to wait.

Who at Dataton said that? Dataton is aware of issues with color conversion with new nVidia gpus, they are in the process of making changes to address this, it is in beta test now, and should be available in the near future.

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Dear jfk.

Dataton isn't directly saying there's no way until Nvidia fixes it. I apologize for this part.

However, the only answer suggested as a solution for the same symptom is to use an old driver(460.89). So I guess that's what I thought.

'Dataton is aware of the symptom and is resolving it.' or 'A patch is coming.' I've never seen such additional information before you tell me now.

It was in May when the problem was raised on this forum. And five months passed. It's a different situation from the past due to the pandemic, but there hasn't been an update on this issue for 5 months.


I hope to get a helpful update soon. Thanks.

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