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Which is the best CPU to pick atm?


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Hey guys, I'm currently planning on to upgrade my CPU which is the I5-4690, but I don't know which is the best CPU to pick atm, my original plan was to pick I7-9700k but someone suggested that I grab a AMD CPU instead so I can save some money, I'm gonna use the PC mainly for gaming and programming from time to time. My budget for the CPU is around roughly 400$ - 500$ (Converted it from my local currency) Can anyone recommend me a CPU that has great value and great performance?

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Hmm, not sure whether you're in the right forum here. This forum is a user forum for professional media server software and hardware and doesn't really discuss gaming demands. Those may be completely different from running a media server in a live scenario or fixed installation when it comes to rendering techniques, performance and stability.

If "programming" refers to programming WATCHOUT shows, then it should make no difference at all.

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