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is there way to use standby on virtual display

Ibrahim Eek

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54 minutes ago, Ibrahim said:

Hi All

sometimes I need to use a logo or any image in standby mode on virtual display to be perfect as my map when I need to do an update, its only works on display not on the virtual dislapy.

is there any way to use the image on virtual diplay in standby mode? 


Entering standby does not impact displays. Standby works on layers. All layers that are not marked standby are set to 0 opacity, layers marked as standby become 100% opacity. The significant thing about standby layers is they consume resources even when you are not in standby, standby content is loaded at 0 opacity when you are not in standby mode. So if you want a virtual display to remain intact while in standby, create a layer, set it to standby, and put a virtual display cue on that standby layer. Make as many standby layers as you need to add the images you want to appear in standby.

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