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Wo7 Version 7.2.2 Media Frames not loaded in time


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Hi Team , we  running the project by WO 7 Version 7.2.2  for 6 set of projector to form the 360 Ring projection  and 4 sets of projector be L shape projection in 2 timeline of the peoducer .


We added  the new video content to the 360 projection 18GB ( Codec Hap as Hap/25 FPS/ Color Space REC709)

L shape projection 

23GB  ( Codec Hap as Hap/25 FPS/ Color Space REC709)


Then some of the projection image  will be deferred and flickering  . At the same time  wo7 will popup message 

*Media Frames not loaded in time Error ID M10000*IMG-20240622-WA0056.thumb.jpg.7419d22a75615400f930ae109d552b44.jpg

We find the service txt and  mentioned Low buffer occupancy 20240622_213905.thumb.jpg.9569c6e98d6a0d0f01cb1fec67462ad5.jpg

Anything can help ?


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Are you running one huge single file over two servers with x graphic card outputs?

Have you tried slicing the video down a bit?

A WATCHOUT server will load the full video even if it only shows half of it or less.

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 had this problem in previous versions and today I was testing WO7 again and discovered this:

I used the same video for all the tests and whenever I use "xxx as HAP" the problem appears but when I use "xxx as Notch LC" everything is fine

video 3840x2160 30FPS

HAP as HAP = problem
MP4 as HAP = problem
HAP as Notch LC = good
MP4 as Notch LC = good

I haven't tried with other Codecs but this seems like a problem with "xxx as HAP"


WO7 version 7.2.2
1 producer
2 display  - 2x fullHD outputs on each display device

devices specs:
CPU -  AMD threadripper pro

GPU - AMD W9100
RAM - 64GB



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