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WO5 - Multi output

Jonas Dannert

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...for those it may concern:


I am using an xfx HD6770 with 5 mini display outputs successfully in a small form factor shuttle xpc computer.

Care should be given to proper encoding as the system has little in term of headroom (h264 is horribly unstable for instance) but I managed to play up to ten 1080p files in Mpeg2 at once (i.e. one hd video per output doing a x-fade) without a glitch. Jumping around in the timeline however is another matter and can successfully crash the display computer.


I chose this card over others because of it being a single slot card, leaving the other slot in the shuttle available for a live capture card (infinity pro). The nice thing about this is that the control laptop and the display computer together fit into a backpack small enough to be acceptable as a carry on in an airplane, which makes for a very portable setup indeed.


So far the thing has been stable, but I only have played with this system for about a week so I have no long term data.

If anybody has worked with this kind of setup for a longer period (David Branson maybe?) I would appreciate some feedback in case there are some major headaches ahead of me. If not I will post again in a couple of weeks once I had time to collect more data.




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