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Invalid GPU Channel Output

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Hello all I’m a theatre production student at the university of Houston. I’m working with watchout for a production. I’m the departments expert on watchout. By expert I mean the only one who remotely knows how to use it I have done a couple shows with no issues. Out of the blue I keep getting an invalid GPU channel output of error.


Steps I’ve take

1 reinstalled graphics drivers (firepro w5100 with 4gb gddr5)

2 switched projectors into different ports

3 recovered display computer to backup that came with the display server. 

I set the ip and subnet all back up and the two computers are talking to each other I just can’t seem to get past this error.

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So I can’t get back in the space until a couple hours but here’s what I can remember.


1 I updated watchout maybe 3 days ago. So whatever is most recent

2 the message is something along the lines of invalid gpu channel output. Says only 1 or 2 gpu channels available even thought the graphics card has 4 display port outs.


3 So the message appeared after pulling the computers from storage. They had worked before. The error message specifically comes up when I go online. Somehow I managed to fix it for a day and it was back the next day


4 A dialogue box comes up on the production computer. It’s similar in size to the windows command prompt. It’s where an error will come up if watchout can’t find a file. 

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So I also have a Watchpax 4 that I updated from 6.4.1 to 6.5 because the Midi control learn function was not working. Once I updated the Watchpax and put it back on a static IP and tried to take the show live I get the error messages about the GPU channel 2 not being active but channel 1 is? I am only plugged into channel 1 and obviously the actual display never gets past the "Transferring" stage. I am connected by a standard 6ft display port cable, only driving a 1920x1080 display to test. 


I am also getting a network error message. Network Error: -214694300?  Any idea whats going on here? I need to be able to add a Midi controller for aux time lines. How/should I roll back my Watchpax to run versions 6.2.2 or 6.3? 

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Do you want to run your WP4 in cluster mode or with the production computer connected?

If you want to learn MIDI channels you need to do this when the device is connected to the production computer. Furthermore, in the latest versions of WATCHOUT you need to select the MIDI input in the control tab of the preferences.

If you then want to run the WP4 stand alone in cluster mode, you need to select the MIDI device in the menu of WATCHPOINT on the WP4 as well. You can reach this by building a remote connection from WATCHMAKER to your WP4 or you can connect a mouse and keyboard directly to your WP4 and press ctrl+W to make the menu visible.

After selecting the MIDI device here - which at this point needs to be connected to the WP4! - you need to use an autostart.txt script to take control of the initial loading of your show and restart the unit.


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