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    WO Remote

    Hello everyone, Our company's been running a few tests with a few different machines and versions of Watchout 5 / 6, and we've noticed that the WO Remote (https://www.dataton.com/files/watchout/remote) doesn't work on v6. Can somebody confirm this feature is deprecated? Thanks!
  2. TiagoFrutuoso

    WO Remote

    Hi, Mr. Leong, I'm sorry if i wasn't more specific on my initial post and yes, this is for a display cluster. I think my response to jfk was edited but i mentioned closed ports and a Chromium security error regarding the connection, that's why i thought it was deprecated. thank you
  3. TiagoFrutuoso

    WO Remote

    Android 6 (LG G3 - Chrome) , Android 7 (Galaxy S7 - Chrome) , iOS 10.3.1 (iPhone 6 Plus / iPad Air via App Store and Safari), Arch Linux 2017.04.01 (Chromium)...
  4. TiagoFrutuoso

    Datapath VisionSC-SDI4 Sync Problem at 1080i @25fps?

    Hi Adela, I manage IT for Mr. Jocelino's company and i've configured the systems he mentions. Thing is, the MB does not allow to tweak power to the PCIe Cards. Only to adjust PCIe Speeds according to generation. We are still waiting for feedback by Datapath...