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    Watchout 5.5 System Hardware

    Too further add back to this I have built a new i7 machine based on the new Haswell i7 4770k - comparitively it benchmarks higher than the AMD's and a lot of the XEONS. Asus do an amazing motherboard,with a tuff steel plate on the bottom which i think will be helpful when you are moving machines about to stop the flex in the rack cases Graphics wise I have gone down the route of a 7970 with 6 outputs, capable of 4k res apparantly - I have never needed to drive watchout into an LED display, but I do think this is something we are more likely to do in the future so I haven't ruled out the firepro and s400 I am just testing this machine now, and it seems pretty speedy... paul...
  2. slimmcslim

    Watchout 5.5 System Hardware

    I am rebuilding and probably expanding our watchout hire stock. I am interested on some thoughts... AMD vs Intel he AMD FX9590 seems to be a credible processor, 8 core and good price The similar i7 3930 is only 6 core and more expensive Is anybody running AMD processor based systems ? I presume there is no benefit to dual processing xeons, as watchout is only a 32bit app and relies on processor for multithreading. Is there any benefit to Firepro cards over high end radeon cards, with the 7990 costing about that of a mid range firepro but massively out performing it in benchmark tests, I welcome any thoughts on Radeon vs Firepro and is there anybody successfully running 4 heads or more on Nvidia cards Has anybody tried the new Datapath Vision AV HD - 3 channel simultaneous capture, DVI, HDSDI and Composite ? Regards Paul...
  3. slimmcslim

    Multi Output Problem

    I may have been confusing before, it is an XFX Radeon HD6950, I am using 3 outputs from it, in a 3 head (none blended) watchout installation. I am using 1 x MINI DP to HDMI (passive) 1 x MINI DP to DVI (active) 1 x DVI - this is the output that is not functioning correctly under watchout. I have fixed this by using another HDMI outout from the graphics card, however.... When i launch watchout display it loads up fine, displaying the 5 logo and the IP address, however when I connect the Watchout App from the ipod (the way this installtion is operated) the third output (now the HDMI one) drops its sync signal monetarily, causing the projector to drop out. This only happens when the ios app connects, and then it returns back again. Regards Paul...
  4. slimmcslim

    Multi Output Problem

    I have a problem with one of our multi head watchout installs, running 5.1 New i7 PC (6 mths old), 8Gb Ram, OCZ Agility 3, Asus P56 Mbd, Radeon 6950 (running 1 x Mini DP to HDMI, 1 x Mini DP to DVI, 1 x DVI out) am using 1 x Active Adapter. I am having a problem with one of the outputs, was working fine, now doesn't work at all. The DVI from the graphics card, which is running into a projector via DVI to HDMI converter block, in windows the whole system behaves fine, displays the windows desktop, will play a HD movie in media player spread across two outputs, as soon as I launch watchout the output drops out, the display flicks on and off all the time, as if the sync is dropping, this is before loading a show, so it displays an intermittant 5 watchout logo. After loading the show, it again flicks on and flicks off, only on output 3, but as soon as you drop out of watchout the windows desktop is stable, displaying just its coloured background. Any ideas ? Paul...
  5. slimmcslim

    Hide Watchout logo + progress bar while updating show.

    Is there any way to change the logo to a clients logo, so that when you live update in the show, the screens drop back to client branding, opposed to black as this tends to upset presenters when all the screens go blank. paul...
  6. slimmcslim

    Watchout 5.3 Feature Request

    I have just started programming my second ever watchout 5.1 show, this one has 14 HD outputs from 3 fully loaded i7 multihead machines, and my observations so far would be... Better error handling of unsupported video types, I have some mov's from a client that when i drag them to the stage crashes watchout completely, surely the quicktime playback can be error trapped better to not completely bomb out watchout??? Auto incrementing, automatic backups, that save versions at pre-defined intervals, and as many pre-defined versions, all setable from preferences. Easier access to change stage tiers, tabbed stage window or something like that. Better handles for moving media around, easier (smart) handles that kind of know which piece of media you want to grab on the stage, I think this is more prevelent going forward doing huge multihead shows. Nesting/linking of layers, to make turning on/off or locking multiple layers an easy click. Complete interface redesign, that suits modern usage, with very thin borders on boxes, i find that i have lost screen real estate to the edges of the media/stage window. Similar to the adobe premier interface. Paul....
  7. slimmcslim

    Artnet Output

    enttec dongle link Suggest that it is open DMX ethernet which does artnet out.... P.
  8. slimmcslim

    Artnet Output

    I am trying to get DMX output from WO5.1 i have an Enttec Open Artnet to DMX dongle attached via ethernet to the main switch, I can control the dongle from other software, but get no joy from Watchout, is this because :_ the open dongle isn#t supported ? i am doing it wrong ? some other reason... ? i am getting frustrated now, all i want is the timeline to turn the houselights off at the beginning of the show and on again at the end... regards paul....