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  1. piccinaezio

    Windows 10, 10Core, W9100 issues

    No, I installed windows 10 Enterprise Full, not LTSB
  2. piccinaezio

    Windows 10, 10Core, W9100 issues

    Hi @Jeff Miller, we didn't tested for so much (max 8 hours) so i can't say, maybe in next days we can try. We didn't anything to make HAP play on our machines, did you try HAP or HAP Q movies? (We tried only HAP)
  3. piccinaezio

    Windows 10, 10Core, W9100 issues

    Hi all, Our display configuration is the following: Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 (Tweaked as of Dataton guide) Asus WS X299 Sage i9 7900X 32 GB of ram NVMe Samsung 970 Pro AMD Pro WX9100 DataPath VisionRGB-E2S BlackMagic DeckLink 8K Pro BlackMagic DeckLink Quad 2 Motu 828-MK3 Midi Controller APC40-MKII After a week of testing we established that: Using Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 1607 Watchout Display shows the same error as @Jeff Miller (both with AMD 2017 Q4.1 and AMD 2018 Q4 drivers). We installed Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 and AMD 2017 Q4.1 drivers and it kinda worked but with 4 parallel live input all of them was lagging and freezing (also pre-recorded videos) We finally tried installing Windows 10 Enterprise 1809 and AMD 2018 Q4 drivers, it now works without quirks, WatchPoint now starts immediately and it doesn't freeze anymore (6 outputs [email protected], 4 SDI live input FullHD and 1 DVI live input 1080p, 1 NDI Input [email protected], 2 UHD Videos playing, HAP and H264). We noticed performance boost setting these options in bios: - Hyper-Threading: OFF - C-States, P-States, Intel SpeedShift/SpeedStep: OFF
  4. piccinaezio

    New config

    Hi, I'm carrying out the tests with the new PC so configured MB Asus x299 Sage 32 GB ram CPU Intel I9-7900x SSD Samsung 970 PRO M.2 AMD WX9100 Decklink 8K PRO (4 sdi) Datapath Vision E2 (2 DVI) Windows 10 - Watchout 6.2.2 In 2 days test, still no problem, continuous.
  5. piccinaezio

    Problem audio loop 6.2.1

    Get further tests with other machines and watchout 6.2.1 but the audio loop problem remains. No news from Dataton? Thank you
  6. piccinaezio

    Problem audio loop 6.2.1

    hello, I installed watchout 6.2.1 to solve the problem of the audio loop, but there are still problems, the video runs regularly but the audio is heard only twice, the third disappears. does anyone have the same problem ?
  7. piccinaezio

    Decklink 8K Pro

    Hi, has anyone already tried Decklink 8K Pro with 4 HD-SDI inputs?