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4k Projector - Display Server Graphic Card

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Now we are making the plan as follows.


4K Projector(4096*2160) : 4ea

Display Server : 4ea


AMD FirePro W8100 will be equipped in each display server,

And will be used as 1 output.

Confirmed by Graphic Card company, FirePro W8100(8G) model can use entire graphic card memory(8G) even if only 1 port(1 output) is used, in case of operating application’s request.


This is the question about this issue.

1. How many graphic card memory does WATCHOUT need to fulfill 4K resolution output(4096*2160)?

2. Each display server uses an AMD FirePro W8100. In this case, is it enough spec to support 4K resolution output? (Contens details like codecs are not confirmed yet.)

3. In addition, if there is any point to be considered in this system development, please let me know. (like how to link cables, etc.)



CPU : i7-5960x

VGA : AMD FirePro W8100

RAM : 32G


Thank you.

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