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  1. I am attempting to get midi to trigger a Watchout 6 file which has worked in previous years (an annual theatrical install) and am having issues getting Watchout to see the signal this year.

    Midi is coming from an ETC EOS lighting system via a Show Control gateway on Channel 1 Device 1.  It is hitting the Watchout production machine with midi to USB device.  I can see the midi signal on the computer via the Midi-Ox software coming in as a System Exclusive Midi command, so I know it is at least reaching the Watchout machine.
    In Watchout, my control tab in the preferences dialog is set to MIDI Show Control, Device Id 1, mapped to the main timeline which is where my show cues reside.  The input dialog has a Midi Controller set up, configured to Channel 1, Controller 1, Normal Resolution.
    We are running Watchout version 6.2.2.  Cueing and Show File Preferences have not changed since previous years. It seems as if there is maybe just a toggle somewhere I am missing?
    Any support is greatly appreciated.  
    Thanks in advance!


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