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Mike Fahl

WATCHOUT 5.1 now available

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Just a brief note to let you know that WATCHOUT 5.1 is released today. See below for details on what's changed.


The Move command includes the Z axis.

The Consolidate command allows you to include all media files, if desired, and not just those actively used in the show.

A Control cue can explicitly target the Main Timeline.

Control of Inputs (DMX, MIDI and Generic) is now managed by the display software when production computer isn't online.

MIDI Show Control is now handled by the display software when production computer isn't online.

Large images or images extending outside the display don't appear if the display is rotated.

When using multiple outputs from one display computer, video file playback on other displays than the first sometimes doesn't start smoothly.

On the Production computer the sound output stops playing if the icon is not visible in the stage window.

Export of a timeline to a movie file may not complete under some circumstances.

Stage Tiers not working correctly.

Didn't accept expressions such as: (in3 * 500) - 250

Running a single display computer without a network connected (e.g., from serial control or a command file) failed opening the show.

Creating audio waveforms from long audio files or MP3 files could crash.

Audio waveform may not be displayed properly immediately after opening a show.

Audio waveform display failed for WAVE files with floating point data.

Switching shows without re-starting the production software could cause tween tracks controlled by inputs to behave erratic, flipping back and forth.

The path to any Preview movie wasn't adjusted properly when transferring the media to another show by copy/paste of cues.

Playback of multi-channel Wave files wasn't always accurately synchronized.

Watchdog could time out while caching numerous files during an Online or Update operation, thus making the whole operation fail.

Version 5.1 comes with an updated license key driver. Therefore, you must install this version manually on each computer, as WATCHOUT's automatic remote update feature can't update the license key driver.

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