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Jeff Miller

Cluster resync?

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I have a complex Show on 4 display computers. Unfortunately, 2 of the computers have the new AMD WX9100 card and are not always stable. I have done a lot of work to keep them happy, but still there is an occasional hiccup and Watchpoint crashes.

Watchdog catches it and restarts Watchpoint. Watchpoint enters the show. However it just stays on a single frame and does not run with the rest of the cluster. Is this the usual behavior? Is there any  way to configure the cluster such that it will be picked back up and resync?

One other note on this. In order to get the WX9100 cards to run, I had to remove Jump cues entirely. So my main timeline is a composition with a pause cue. Then the composition is put on looping and free running. I suspect that when the errant display computer comes back up it seems to start the show, but then pauses. It is as if it now ignores the looping and free running of the composition.

Any thoughts or advice?


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