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  1. Well, just consider my original post as a kind of feature request. Cheers.
  2. Hi, the other day I could have used an easy way to make a show run as a loop for the next 1.5 months without the production software running. I know there are ways to do this with startup scripts etc... on a display machine which has to be made the „new master“. But I figured all this to be too complicated. At least for me not having done this yet. Why not configure all this from within the production software and export it to the specified display machine, just as if going online. Thanks in advance.
  3. The problem is that the only two workarounds are to either always have some timeline underneath covering up that „bug“ (cannot be a feature) or use „freerun“ for looping with aux-timelines.
  4. Hi, I did not mean transparency within the media itself. I got that when you mentioned that you tried other formats. I meant, that when you say „flashing black“, it could be that it actually would show what is beneath it for a fraction of time. That is what I experience with aux-timeline-loops.
  5. For testing .... You could try putting a colorbar or something very visible beneath the problematic png(tif, jpg) in your main timeline. To check if it goes black or transparent. Had the same issues when trying to loop in an aux timeline without freerun-loop.
  6. For me, real looping video or even one still (jpg, png, psd...) WITHOUT freerun has never worked. So, either a realllllly long timeline or freerun.
  7. maybe it is not Watchout but the LED Walls own system. Inwould try to feed it the exact same source from only one „player“ and check that.
  8. Freerun. For video and audio.
  9. wiesemann

    Audio pops

    Always make audio a separate .wav file and mute the videos own audio. Even with last minute changed content.
  10. He stuck out as one of the most helpful and obviously experienced people here and seemed to be a nice person. Hats off to him and condolence to his family and friends.
  11. You have to actively disable any additional network-adapter. Does show the same behaviour with a completely new, empty show?
  12. get rid of the cards.
  13. Could it be that this is actually on of those Windows 10 bugs? Had copy/paste/move issues -it suddenly stopped working) for some months in Exlorer, only restarting the Explorer process(es) would help. I even made a shortcut (.bat) for it on the desktop. Since about two weeks or so this seems to be gone. After some win-updates.
  14. Hi, Happy New Years to all! Keep in mind that the framerate you want to play out with is an issue here. 4k in 50/60 fps is a different animal than 25/30 fps. Just sayin‘
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