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  1. I had to work on a project that someone else had started (of course, never my fault..) and DMX was not working correctly. It was set to 16 bit instead of 8… Who knows…
  2. Is this a 2 channel 16 bit audio wav?
  3. Hey Dataton, please add OSC In and Out and NDI Output as new additional features. cheers.
  4. Hi, it looks like the visuals had been tiled in 3DMax already, around 300 or 500 square pixels they are really tiny. The textures should be „baked“ to fit to the object before exporting from 3DMax. You can check by exporting and reimporting/opening the object and the texture into a new file in 3DMax.
  5. weird. Try using vMix Desktop Capture instead of Newteks tool. Has never let me down for years. Make sure you only have one Network Interface active on the Windows machine. Start the NDI track at the beginning of your timeline, fade it in when needed.
  6. I had this error myself 4 years ago and was recommended to uninstall any additional codec packs, remove anything called DVD Maker (which I did not have) or even reinstall the OS. I dont remember what did it, I guess it was the codecs...
  7. I remember the moments of using external TC coming in thru an iPad that was also triggering other iPads to play in sync over Wifi being the most „exiting“ in my professional life.
  8. looks like the framerates dont match at all. Does it all play in sync when not being triggered from external TC? all framerates have to match, materials, Watchout settings in prefs, external timecode, display. Use wav for audiofiles, mute videos own audio. There will be a tiny delay between the tcs but its consistant.
  9. well, maybe this is included in „capture cards, streams“, but any kind of webcam, HDMI to USB (like the Elgato Camlink) would be appreciated.
  10. oh, this was supposed to be in the wishlist section... What did I do?.. Happy New Year.
  11. Hi, just had to to learn, that audio input from external Live-sources is not possible.. Had thought it was just me.. Maybe that would be an idea to put into a newer version. This could make WO more of the control-center of things. cheers.
  12. hm... thats sad. This could go onto a wishlist, I guess. Thx.
  13. Hi there, has anybody successfully got audio from an Elgato Camlink or from an NDI Source into Watchout as a live input? cheers, have a nice holidaytime.
  14. it doesnt work with the windows 7-ish program uninstalling routine. dragging into the trash and reinstalling the newer version works. Don‘t know if this installation is reliable, though. But at this point in business and on that machine it doesnt matter. I use this for testing NDI and playing around only. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I tried to uninstall and then reinstall the latest version (dec.2020) of WO on a tiny production machine. When uninstalling I got the error message „An error occurred while attempting to create the directory: D:\Config.Msi Yes I had installed Watchout on D. Any ideas?
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