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  1. Thanks all for the feedback on performance. When providing such useful information it would be helpful if you included the WATCHOUT version providing the observed performance.
  2. Yes, the WATCHOUT License (USB key) must be connected and watchmaker must be online to send ArtNetDMX output. (there are some versions with a bug where some outputs work offline, but do not count on it).
  3. jfk


    same for those.
  4. jfk


    While I know of no-one who has tested the DELTA-3G-elp 11, most likely you will be able to get the input to work. No way you will get the output to work.
  5. re: mp4 videos. Certain mpeg4 / h.264 encoding settings will result in unstable movie files that have been known to crash WATCHOUT, specially when looping. The notorious bi-directional frames are the biggest offender. Disabling them will result in a more stable file. Unfortunately, many encoding softwares do not provide a simple method of disabling bi-directional frames and they are almost always on be default. Often, coding profiles along the lines of Best Quality indicate the use of bi-directional frames and something along the lines of Good quality disables them. The profile names are misleading. It is possible to achieve the exact same quality with or without bi-directional frames, the difference is file size and bit rate. Basically, your encoding guru needs to know how to get the encoding tool to handle this setting correctly. If all that is to confusing, HAP avoids all of this as there is no equivalent to those frame types in HAP. But HAP files are MUCH larger than mpeg4.
  6. jfk


    I do not have the information you request. Deltacast offers a variety of cards, and not all are supported in the standard WATCHOUT software. Could you be specific on the model of Deltacast card you are inquiring about?
  7. Budget is always a consideration. Ignoring any limitations in PowerPoint and addressing 8k solutions in general. 8K = 4 x 4K. Doubt you can get that out of a laptop, a more substantial Windows system would likely be needed for 8k. Cost no object, use an appropriately powerful GPU with four 4k outputs (like most WATCHOUT Display Server GPUs). Set that up in the gpu driver as a 2x2 extended desktop to get the 8K out of a Windows computer. Two DataPath VisionSC-DP2 to get those 4 x 4K into WATCHOUT. ka-ching Thanks to wiesemann for the reference. It indicates PowerPoint maxes out at 5,376 by 5,376 pixels. Using a 8k x 3k aspect ratio, that scales to 5,376 x 2,016. I suspect you can get that out of an appropriate laptop via USB-C. Might need to find a laptop that provides two 4k outputs, high end MacBook Pro running bootcamp can do it. Get it into WATCHOUT via the VisionSC-DP2.
  8. Yes, the FocusRite Scarlett 18i20 gen 3 is supported in WATCHPAX 4 r38. There is no hardware change involved.
  9. Depends on the age of the WATCHPAX 4. very recent WATCHPAX 4 FocusRite Scarlett 18i20 gen 3 Older WATCHPAX 4 GIGAPORT HD+ High Quality 24-bit 8-out USB Audio Interface Focusrite 18i20 is Scarlett gen 2 (note that the Focusrite USB interface have to be 2nd generation – 1st does not work, 3rd does not work with this version of the WATCHPAX 4 image) correct No Yes
  10. WATCHNET WATCHNET requires a license key that is WATCHOUT v5.5.x compatible. i.e. all first and second generation WATCHOUT license keys. A WATCHNET key is no different in appearance or function to a second generation WATCHOUT Microkey. Third generation WATCHOUT Microkeys are NOT compatible with WATCHNET. FYI You can still purchase WATCHNET license keys, which for all intents and purposes are second generation WATCHOUT v6 licenses. There is an additional cost for the WATCHNET License compared to a WATCHOUT License. The Dataton Type Number for both the currently available license types: 3160 Dataton WATCHNET License (WATCHOUT v5.5.x & v6) 3150 Dataton WATCHOUT License (WATCHOUT v6 only)
  11. jfk

    Runtime error 9

    I am confused, What part of ... Disk/storage is full do you need assistance with? Do you need assistance clearing disc space on a WATCHPAX or something like that?
  12. While those are very valid arguments, the main reason is the DirectX 3D multiple output native Windows function that provides multiple outputs on all gpu types is restricted to a single graphics card / six outputs by Windows.To get multiple output cards / more than six outputs under DirectX 3D, a different multiple output model that is not native to widows is required (eyefinity, mosaic, etc.).
  13. No, if you want version 5 added onto a version 6 only key you will need to send the key to Dataton for a physical swap i.e. version 5 cannot be added electronically. And there will be a minor fee for the administration of this.
  14. Sort of. For dongles purchased prior to June 2019 you can use one dongle for either. But not both at the same time. The WATCHNET dongle must be a WATCHOUT dongle capable of supporting WATCHOUT 5 (use WATCHOUT Production License Manger to check supported versions). There are WATCHOUT dongles that only support v6 and those can not be used for WATCHNET.
  15. x2. Sorry i did not mention that earlier. WATCHOUT Productionoutput of any type is disabled when offline, so as Rainer correctly points out, no DMX output will be sent when offline.
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