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  1. No, if you want version 5 added onto a version 6 only key you will need to send the key to Dataton for a physical swap i.e. version 5 cannot be added electronically. And there will be a minor fee for the administration of this.
  2. Sort of. For dongles purchased prior to June 2019 you can use one dongle for either. But not both at the same time. The WATCHNET dongle must be a WATCHOUT dongle capable of supporting WATCHOUT 5 (use WATCHOUT Production License Manger to check supported versions). There are WATCHOUT dongles that only support v6 and those can not be used for WATCHNET.
  3. x2. Sorry i did not mention that earlier. WATCHOUT Productionoutput of any type is disabled when offline, so as Rainer correctly points out, no DMX output will be sent when offline.
  4. The error simply indicates that a correctly configured audio input is not found. WATCHOUT version effects the answer to this question. Keep in mind that WATCHOUT 6.4+ requires either an ASIO or WASAPI driver for the audio input used for timecode.
  5. There are two ways to do this now. The output you created and how it is used is the key. If you choose to use the setInput command, you must define the output differently for cluster mode or production mode (different port numbers, 3039 for cluster, 3040 for production). Either way, the IP address is (localhost). Then it is simply a matter of wtiting the output string cue as a setInput command. Be sure to end that command with $0D or it will not work. This method has always worked correctly every time i tried it. Another simpler way to do this would be to use DMX for both output and input, set to the same universe and channel number. Last i tried this the DMX input value would change when i changed the corresponding DMX output value, but for some reason the input in the tween did not repond. I believe that has since been corrected however.
  6. Might make more sense to open the WATCHOUT 6.5 installer. Since that version already installed, the installer will now show a repair option. Repair is a less risky method of confirming the installation. And if that does not work, every ShowSage computer has an Acronis archive of its original tuned state on its hidden partition. Restoring that archive removes so many unknowns it is faster than trying to determine what might have been added / adjusted to trigger an issue. Once that is done, uninstall the old version (both WATCHOUT and Codemeter) and then install 6.5 on the media drive. (and if you wanted to be thorough, before doing anything else, create an incremental archive on the hidden partition to restore directly to clean installed 6.5 in the future.)
  7. No No, it will not do that. Simplest way is to completely delete the show on the display computer and then retransfer the show.
  8. Keep in mind that when in standby the non-standby content is still rendered on display, even though you do not see it. So it could well be related to the movie encoding of the movies you are scrubbing. mpeg with B frames is particularly known to cause this issue. Try scrubbing the same movies when not in standby, same issue should occur.
  9. Shot in the dark, but I have seen this happen when user installed VNC is added to the WATCHOUT computer. Uninstalling did not help. The only way to get rid of the issue was to completely restore the original pristine tuned state.
  10. Increasing the start delay to such a large number likely just results in an error and no delay (check the error log on the display computer). Yes, scheduling defray at startup could definitely be the cause. Simple enough to disable it and try again.
  11. When you see the task bar on WATCHOUT Display full screen mode after power up and autostart of Watchpoint 6.5, it likely means that WATCHOUT has loaded before Windows has completed starting up. Increase your start delay to avoid this.
  12. Your manufacturer's utility uses their own proprietary driver. WATCHOUT uses a generic Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) driver the should be supplied by the same manufactuer. So the manufacturer's utility verifies the signal is connected properly, it does not verify the WDM driver is functioning properly. You might want to contact your vendor or check message boards related to that product to determine if there is a known WDM issue.
  13. Then I suspect your EDID management has changed / malfunctioned, as you are now seeing what would be expected if there were no EDID management.
  14. ... and Nigel provided instructions on how to do it from the production computer. The existing method is very flexible. At that point, it is a matter of opinion I guess, as Nigel states "It's really easy to do ..."
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