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  1. No, anytime you transfer content the show will pause. The solution is to bring in content that does not arrive until after a show has started in another way. i.e. you must still prepare for it in advance. Using live tweens and live video input you could bring in content from another source and scale and position it using live tweens … Give your client a choice, provide all content by a reasonable deadline and then provide him the extra cost for content arriving after said deadline.
  2. Simple answer is yes, all WATCHOUT License USB keys are upgradeable. The cost will vary depending on the age / version of the older key. https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/the-difference-between-different-watchout-keys-and-versions
  3. Great suggestion. Any ideas on what those sections should be?
  4. Sounds normal. The timeline is calibrated in clock / stopwatch time, not timecode time. With NTSC 29.97, drop or non-drop, the timecode time will NOT match clock / stopwatch time - that inaccuracy is inherent to NTSC timecode. If you want to see timeline position in NTSC timecode format, add a status timeline position display, double click on the time readout, and change the display to the matching timecode type.
  5. NO! Microsoft DirectX is part of Windows, it is already there. WATCHOUT would not run without it. Microsoft DirectX multi-output only supports physical outputs from one graphics card. If you require six outputs, then you must use a single graphics card with six outputs.
  6. WATCHOUT uses Microsoft DirectX multiple output support. That method only supports outputs from one graphics card. While the processing power of the second card is utilized, you can only use the outputs from a single card. ie what you observed is expected / normal.
  7. Are you trying to use MIDI Show Control to run the main timemine (ignore cuelist value) or aux tumelines (map cuelist value)? You can not do both with ETC. The setting of the MIDI Show Control “MSC Cue Lists:” popup is critical to how cue lists are mapped. I also seem to recall an offset in a value when using an EOS, but it has been so many years i can not remember which one. I also ran across ETC consoles where the user interface provided MIDI settings, but the internal MIDI module was not installed, but again in excess of 5 years ago. Also, WATCHOUT performs a string compariso
  8. Sure sounds like a Windows preparation issue.
  9. Not a lot of information there. Your screen shot shows offline, but not in Standby, please provide more information on the circumstances preceding the “freeze” and describe what you mean by “freeze”? Guess 1 Had a customer whose production server would worked flawlessly in editing and cue to cue run through, but would freeze during a show when waiting in pause for the point in the live presenters script to trigger the next cue. Turns out the run throughs never paused as long as the real shows, and a prolonged pause convinced Windows that a period of inactivity is occurring and
  10. BTW reducing the WATCHOUT Display / projector refresh rate would likely make it worse. Either run the camera at a slower refresh rate or lock the server and camera to a common reference.
  11. You are correct, most likely your camera is at 60 fps and it is not in synch with the WATCHOUT Display output. Reducing your cameras rate to 30 fps is a potential solution. If you must record at 60fps, a WATCHPAX 60B or 60C contains a hardware synch card (or any server with a hardware synch card) that can be genlocked to house reference which would also require you to genlock the camera as well.
  12. Is the WATCHOUT 6 test on the same computer?
  13. The most common cause is a second network interface in the production computer. Your description exactly matches that issue. Did someone activate WiFi in your production computer recently? If you require two NICs, then the WATCHOUT NIC must be the first NIC in Windows NIC order to prevent this. If there is only one NIC, this issue will not occur. If you search the forum, you will find numerous posts with this issue. A recent post in the responses even includes info on how to change Windows NIC order in Win 10. There are other potential causes for what you describe, but your pos
  14. A very qualified yes. The mp4 codec has many option settings and those parameters can significantly affect stability. For example, an mp4 with bi-directional frames will probably play ok once in a quick test, but run that same file over and over again over the course of a day and it will often take the server down. The encoding setrings for mp4 are similar to mp2, so the details described in this article apply to mp4 as well. reference: https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/how-to-encode
  15. Before considering MacOS issues, are you sure you have the correct license for WATCHNET? reference:
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