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  1. Black Magic Media Express uses a proprietary Black Magic driver. WATCHOUT requires a generic Windows Driver Model (WDM) driver. BMD Media Express confirms the physical connection for WATCHOUT, it does NOT confirm the drivers required for WATCHOUT. BMD WDM drivers are notoriously difficult to get right, most experienced users avoid BMD for this reason.
  2. Just curious, have you quit all Scalable software prior to opening watchpoint or watchmaker? Pretty sure Scalable and WATCHOUT will interfere with each other.
  3. jfk

    Wireless Network

    Probably not. File transfer will likely work as it is TCP connection. But play will not work and synch will not work properly as those communicaitons are UDP broadcast, and broadcast typically will not work with an external network.
  4. You might want to re-run the WATCHOUT installer and choose ‘Repair’. Installing a third party codec might overwrite the WATCHOUT codec, uninstalling the third party codec would not correct the issue. Repair should re-install the WATCHOUT codec.
  5. jfk

    Mark Watzl

    Mark Watzl has passed after a battle with COVID-19. This was posted by Mark's son on Facebook on Saturday 02-May-2020. My condolences to Mark's family. Mark will be missed. Mark was a long time producer who has worked with WATCHOUT going back to its beginnings. In conjunction with David Branson, Mark was the co-producer of the original WATCHOUT 2 day Training course commissioned by Show Sage back in 2004. May he rest in peace.
  6. Most likely, your issue on production is performance of the production computer. If the production computer is powerful enough, it should play just fine, it’s the same software. An alternative, would be to use a video proxy and add a separate reduced resolution HAP Q movie for the preview to lighten the preview load. (Note, it is critical any preview movie be the same codec and settings as the actual movie). Granted there’s a lot of manual set up involved in doing it that way, but it might get you around the problem. Or it could be a configuration issue with the Production computer, other media tools could screw with the HAP codecs installed by WATCHOUT.
  7. Pretty sure powerDown requires authentication at level 2, as it is not a cluster command, it is an administrative command which (as you correctly point out) only affects a single watchpoint station (includes all WATCHPAX of course). There is also a command to grab the MAC address needed for Wake On LAN. reference:
  8. Well then the should work. What version are you using?
  9. It all depends on how you start the show on the display computer. If you open the show from an online production computer, ArtNet will not work on a standalone display. You must open the show from the display computer. This can be done with a startup script, or it can be done from IP control. The key command in either startup script or IP control is load . You must successfully execute a load command to establish a display computer as a "master", even if the show is already open on said display computer.
  10. FYI that 'feature' only works for control cues in the main timeline. And it only works in cluster mode, it does not work in production mode.The sting is sent to an active control connection (port 3039).
  11. No, active adaptors will not change the behavior. Provided all displays are powered on and available prior to WATCHPAX power up, and providing the WATCHPAX is powered down while all displays remain powered up and active - the display output numbering should not change on the next power up. Adding hardware EDID managers will allow you to achieve the necessary active displays at power down and prior to power up if need be.
  12. You might try 1080i30. Seems some vendors indicate 1080i60 when they mean 60 fields per second, while WATCHOUT means frames per second, and since there are two fields per frame, 1080i 60 fields = 1080i 30 frames.
  13. Depends how you define "proper synch". AMD cards require an S400 to achieve ScanLock, even with a single graphics card. (nVidia Quadro cards will provide ScanLock with a single card and no synch card).
  14. BTW WATCHOUT 6.6 was released last week and includes support for NDI 4.1
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