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  1. Try ... Quit WATCHOUT Production, move the backup .watch file to the same location as the original .watch file, open
  2. Never seen that one before. On what hardware does this error occur? WATCHPAX? User provided computer / Windows version? ... Where are you seeing that error? WATCHOUT Production error window? WATCHOUT Display error log? Windows 10 OS? ...
  3. Adding WATCHOUT audio playback to your WATCHOUT video output is strictly a matter of the graphics card driver’s audio support. WATCHOUT requires either ASIO or WASAPI audio support. On your display computer go to Window mode and check the audio out menu to determine if display output audio is an option.
  4. This most commonly occurs when there are multiple NICs on the production computer. If the WATCHOUT NIC is not the first NIC in Windows sort order, UDP traffic is lost to the first NIC, while TCP traffic still finds the correct NIC. play sent to the displays is a UDP command. To quickly confirm this is the cause, disable all NICs but the WATCHOUT NIC and normal operation should be restored. If you require multiple NICs (like WiFi and ethernet, etc), re-order the NICs in Windows so the WATCHOUT NIC is first.
  5. FYI The Norwegian feature goes back to version 2 and is retained as a form of backward compatibility. As such, it only works on the main timeline, as auxiliary timelines did not appear until a later major version. I recently tested it with v6.5 and it still works as indicated above.
  6. What timecode format are you using? Are you specifying the time code format or using automatic?
  7. So the issue is Windows problem. Did you look up the error as described in the knowledge base post?
  8. The Production computer error you observed indicates the production computer has lost communication with the display computer. The most LEAST likely cause is a network issue. The fault most likely occurred in the display computer. To obtain more information on its cause, you will need to look in the display computer’s error logs. On the display computer, go to the folder where WATCHOUT is installed. There you will find a folder named logs. In that folder, look for the most recent text files that begin with WATCHDOG... and WATCHPOINT... and ending in .txt . If the errors you find in t
  9. Depends on the WATCHPAX model. 3360 WATCHPAX were all v5.5.x only, but can be electronically upgraded to add v6 (and you must use v5.5x to upgrade the license to v6 BEFORE upgrading the WATCHOUT software to v6). 3362 WATCHPAX 2 depends on age, some were originally v5.5.x only and some were both v5.5.x and v6. All other WATCHPAX models (4, 20, 20A, 40, 60A, 60B, 60C) license are v6 only. Note, from a WATCHOUT software perspective, the version at time of the release of the hardware is the oldest version that will run on that model WATCHPAX. For example, WATCHPAX 60s require v6.5 o
  10. This seems to go beyond audio input. Video input for external devices require Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) compliance. If the devices you mention are WDM compliant, then they should work.
  11. Already on the wish list ... De-embed audio from video streams containing embedded audio (NDI, capture cards, live streams), mix audio input into WATCHOUT’s audio output with WATCHOUT’s standard audio control (volume, input channel to output channel patching). Individual Programmable delay for for each input / de-embedded audio stream. Is there something you are looking for beyond that?
  12. jfk

    Pax gear

    Mike, thanks for sharing the story. John G, thanks for sharing the data sheet. Appears the SOUNDPAX could be seen as a Dataton one-up on the AVL ProTravler (which had an 8 year production run). A PAX and audio bundle with no System data input? (ie to bypass the audio system and use the PAX when programming from a computer (MICSOFT or TRAX). There is a System data output. Noticed an analog audio CUE TRACK jack, would make sense as an output. But the screening on the back of the prototype would imply its an input to drive the PAX. This must have been an 80s era exercise.
  13. movie resolution and frame rate significantly factor into that decision.
  14. WATCHOUT does not support any form of external audio input. Bypass WATCHOUT and feed your audio directly to audio system. You will likely need to add some form of audio delay to keep the video input and audio in synch.
  15. WATCHOUT versions 4.2 through version 6.6.x will work under Windows version 7. Beyond that, we can only make a guess. It is my guess now that Microsoft has officially ended support for Windows 7, the next major release (i.e. WATCHOUT 7) will require Windows 10. When that release will see the light of day, your guess is as good as mine.
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