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  1. localHost is always the device itself. So are you saying the iPad can not see itself? Otherwise, while the server computer running a browser can see the local server as localHost, any other device on the network (like an iPad) must use the valid network address of fhe Network Interface of the server.
  2. It is probably not the issue, but to rule it out, did you check the audio output assignments in each audio cue on the aux timeline?
  3. Not possible / recommended. It would defeat the purpose of a locked down predictable / repeatable configuration. At the very least, if you were to figure a way to hack it, it would void all warranty and support.
  4. Possibly put them in a composition?
  5. The error code is from Windows, not WATCHOUT. As you can not install drivers on a WATCHPAX, it may indicate the lack of a driver needed for that device. Most people would use an HDMI to NDI Ethernet adaptor when using a WATCHPAX to bring in a live signal.
  6. i am not sure if simply creating the DMX output at address 512 is enough. If its status does not change, it may still optimize out. Just to be sure, for the purpose of testing, create an aux timeline 2 seconds long with a DMX cue fade up 1 second, fade down 1 second, run it and loop it.
  7. Understood, but that is a valid transmission and that device is not fully compliant with the standard if it is refusing to accept that Sequence byte.
  8. i am no expert, but could it be that particular lighting device considers any transmission not containing the full 512 addresses as a flawed transmission and ignores it? The standard does not require all addresses be transmitted. Yet sending the full range is the norm for most consoles, etc. WATCHOUT is the outlier. Still, as you can see other devices deal with it. Easy enough to check. Add a DMX Output in the same universe and set it to address 512. This forces WATCHOUT to transmit the entire range.
  9. Slingle key jump - no. You can hit Ctrl-F and then type any control cue name (case sensitive) followed by Enter key to jump to that cue.
  10. Thanks for reporting back your r success. Sorry i did not provide the known good version number in my previous response. As you correctly indicate, nVidia driver version 460.89 is the recommended version for best results with WATCHOUT.
  11. There is an issue with recent nVidia drivers, you may need to go back to an older nVidia driver version.
  12. I see you have cross posted this in the Facebook WATCHOUT User Group. So i will duplicate my response from that thread. It is true, Dataton does not support specific vendors products. Dataton supports standards. Prior to v6.3, Dante was supported via the Microsoft WDM standard. v6.3 and later changed audio support to the more modern profesional standard ASIO (and the newer Microsoft standard WASAPI). Dante Virtual Sound card offers support for both WDM & ASIO standards. So when migrating from versions before 6.3 to 6.3 and later you may very well need to reinstall audio drivers. Als
  13. The speaker selection should work for the 3.5mm output. Might check the connections and impedance match. What build is your WATCHPAX 4? The Focusrite 3rd gen driver is in the latest WATCHPAX 4 build (r38) only, you may need to update the build.
  14. It appears you are selecting Realtek Digital out. WATCHPAX have no built-in digital audio out. The 3.5mm jack is analog audio out, so the correct selection would be Speakers. (Would be more convenient if they just called it analog.) Timecode in requires a compatible USB audio interface (and you can only have one audio interface, so if you want to output audio and read timecode, a single interface must provide both). Current versions of WATCHOUT support ASIO for the audio input - i.e. ASIO for both output and input. (much older ASIO versions of 6 used a mix of ASIO output, but Di
  15. All WATCHPAX 2 include support for version 5.5.x. Most WATCHPAX 2 include support for any version 6 variant, up to and including the most recent version 6 release (6.6.5 as of today). There are some early production WATCHPAX 2 that only support v5.5.x. To be sure, use the License Manager in WATCHOUT 5.5.x Production to check supported versions. The reason you should check with 5.5.x if you are unsure of v6 support is you must go online to check the version. If you go online using v6 production on a v5 only WATCHPAX 2, you will “brick” the unit, requiring it to be returned for service to r
  16. Thank you for checking that Rainer. And to make things more confusing on AMD cards, those two legacy signal clocks can be dynamically assigned to any two of the four outputs. This is the anomalous behavior i referred to in the post above. i.e. AMD cards can only support two passive adaptors. And the ports supporting passive adaptors can dynamically change. As native DisplayPort output does not require the legacy clocks, using only active adaptors eliminates this concern.
  17. Isn’t that a link to only the current versions? Isn’t Windows Enterprise LTSB 2016 (1607) the ‘proper version’ for WATCHOUT?
  18. The cable you are using appears to be PASIVE and will only work on DisplayPort++ graphic card connections, not standard DisplayPort only graphic card connections. The fact that your cable works at some resoultions indicates that you do have a DisplayPort++ connection. A DisplayPort++ connection can be thought of as a dual mode connection. It is able to output either native DisplayPort -or- legacy signal type used by HDMI or DVI. I have found that the resolutions supported in legacy mode are a subset of the resolutions supported in native mode. For example, with a DisplayPort++ graphi
  19. You could avoid uncertainty and the considerable testing time to ensure stability by obtaining a WATCHPAX 60
  20. Are you trying to play the audio on Production (watchmaker) or Display (watchpoint). If watchmaker, have you set the correct audio device in watchmaker File - Preferences - audio out?
  21. A WATCHOUT Cube is a vague description, seems to describe hardware. First step is to determine the capabilities of your Dataton WATCHOUT License (USB key, reference https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/the-difference-between-different-watchout-keys-and-versions) The best way to accurately determine the supported version is with the License Manager tool found in WATCHOUT Production v5.5.x or any v6 version (Window - License Manager). Once you * confirm your WATCHOUT License (USB key) supports v6 * confirm your “WATCHOUT Cube” Windows OS has been tuned for WATCHOUT
  22. jfk

    WP40 MST HUB

    Essentially that is true. However if you restrict resolution to 1920x1080 @ 60p, it is possible to achieve six outputs using MST hubs. The nVidia driver will present the MST hub outputs to WATCHOUT as normal outputs (up to six total).
  23. The wall physical measurements are incomplete information. Wall processors typically can scale an input to fill the space, although ideally you would want no scaling. What is important is the target resolution in pixels. The wall processors input resolution is also a factor in determining requirements. Pixel pitch, wall processor input capability and any wall processor scaling would determine how many pixels are needed to fill that physical measurement.
  24. No. This 2011 app no longer exists, it was outdated by iOS updates and therefore discontinued.
  25. I have been ghosting the ‘Dante Users Forum’ on Facebook for a while. Seems not all motherboard NICs are up to the task. Some are. i.e. ymmv. I have seen NIC settings tips for Dante in that forum as well. That forum may be a good place to seek that knowledge, there seems to be many helpful participants there.
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