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  1. WATCHOUT installs codecs to playback .mp4. There should be no need to convert them to .mov container. In fact, for WATCHOUT, .mp4 container is preferred over .mov. On the other hand, your phone may encode the video for smallest file size which may include bi-directional frames. B-frames are not recommended for WATCHOUT, B-frames have been known to cause instability with prolonged playback. So you may wish to re-encode them as an .mp4 without B-frames and without audio for best results.
  2. Not with WATCHOUT, maximum six outputs and those must be on a single graphics card. (multiple gpus to increase output count are not supported by DirectX multi- output).
  3. Dynamically assigned. Ports used will be greater than 1024, but that is all that is predictable. The firewall of concern would be on your production computer. No, this is not the problem. As I said originally, “Licence key not found” during a propagated version change is normal and unrelated to the failure you are experiencing. Nothing has killed your WATCHPAX license. Please move on from the licensing and focus on the real problem. That strictly had to do with an old outdated power up initialization issue and is unrelated to the version change process.
  4. The “License key not found” message is normal when propagating a new version to WATCHPAX. At some point during the process, both the old and new version are loaded. The new version will be denied the key until the old version releases it. In your case, at some point, the new version fails to respond to production. Possible Firewall issue? When upgrading from some older versions, an autostart script setIP command causes issues as the new version fails to process the script comand and reverts to DHCP, triggering the unreachable message. Temporarily revert production and WATCHPAX to DHCP to
  5. May not be your issue, but it happened to me once on a computer prepared by someone else … The shortcut that starts WATCHOUT Display has a field called “Start in:”. If that field does not correctly point at the directory where WATCHPOINT.EXE is located, WATCHOUT could still start but the autostart.txt file will not run at all.
  6. How are your movies encoded? I have seen what you describe occur with mpeg encoding that uses bi-directional frames. (which Dataton specifically indicates should not be used.) The Main Concept decoder will play starting frames out of order when B-frames are used. https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/how-to-encode
  7. Yes, the issue is corrected in the most recent release …
  8. Again, the WATCHPAX 60 has nothing to do with the error shown. The error shown is a WATCHOUT Production error related to the motherboard audio coprocessor and its software. So the above suggestions all apply.
  9. Sound from a video file is not recommended and is a known possible cause of a crash. The sound should be exported as a .wav file and the video re-encoded without sound. You can still play sound from the WATCHPAX 60 and turn off sound playback on your production computer.
  10. The error has nothing to do with WATCHPAX 60, the error is a production computer error. As Rainer points out, the error appears to be an issue with the production computer sound co-processor. Do you even need audio playback from the production computer? Possibly turning it off in production is a simple solution.
  11. Create an additional display on each end to force the blends at each end. For these phantom displays, uncheck. Enabled: Use this display that will tell watchout not to attempt to connect to the phantom display. WATCHOUT will still apply the blend for the display, whether it is enabled or not.
  12. not sure what is going wrong with this forum system, the above was sent to me as a post moderation notification, but did not appear in the thread. And the notice is truncated so this is just the beginning of the original post submission. Anyway … It does not quite work that way. The lowest cost way to replace a still without using WATCHOUT Production or WATCHNET to prepare the image would be to use the URL function and store the images to be replaced at a URL via a web server instead of a shared folder. Then a simple aux timeline could be used to refresh the image that appears in WA
  13. There is no IP command named Update. More important, what do you expect to occur from an “Update” command? More than likely the function you require is available through a command of another name.
  14. That seems an oversimplification. The i9 processor should not be any different than an i7 from a WATCHOUT perspective.
  15. jfk

    Dataton Pax

    This might help ... TN 3475 Ektapro Smartlink home build Never diagramed that one. If you want to use the correct connector for the SMARTPAX side, I believe they are still available. However, all my research was done when that connector was provided by AMP. AMP has since been sold, so the old AMP part numbers I have will be superseded by the new owner's part numbers. But here are the AMP part numbers to start from. Dataton SMARTPAX® female device connector -three parts, — receptacle, — pins for receptacle, and — outer squeeze to release (STR) shell AMP STR Female Co
  16. That is correct, the hardware is in the WATCHMAX so it will not show up in the production computer input hardware settings. The only input devices that will show up in the production computer are input hardware that is physically in the production computer, and this is exactly what you are seeing. When programming, you program the display server input behavior by defining a Live Video object from the Media menu and associating it referencing the WATCHOUT input number defined in the WATCHMAX. Be sure to leave preview set to thumbnail. You only set it to live video when there is capture har
  17. Contact Dataton Support and provide a description of your issue, request the beta that addresses it, and you can have it now. ( Dataton Support -https://dataton.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals )
  18. Who at Dataton said that? Dataton is aware of issues with color conversion with new nVidia gpus, they are in the process of making changes to address this, it is in beta test now, and should be available in the near future.
  19. Are you saying it used to run without issue and this is now changed? if so, system attacked?
  20. Are you reading timecode with another software on your WATCHOUT computer? If so, that may make the audio input unavailable to WATCHOUT.
  21. No, anytime you transfer content the show will pause. The solution is to bring in content that does not arrive until after a show has started in another way. i.e. you must still prepare for it in advance. Using live tweens and live video input you could bring in content from another source and scale and position it using live tweens … Give your client a choice, provide all content by a reasonable deadline and then provide him the extra cost for content arriving after said deadline.
  22. Simple answer is yes, all WATCHOUT License USB keys are upgradeable. The cost will vary depending on the age / version of the older key. https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/the-difference-between-different-watchout-keys-and-versions
  23. Great suggestion. Any ideas on what those sections should be?
  24. Sounds normal. The timeline is calibrated in clock / stopwatch time, not timecode time. With NTSC 29.97, drop or non-drop, the timecode time will NOT match clock / stopwatch time - that inaccuracy is inherent to NTSC timecode. If you want to see timeline position in NTSC timecode format, add a status timeline position display, double click on the time readout, and change the display to the matching timecode type.
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