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  1. An entry that you define in the Output Window, in my case one that sends a string with TCP protocol. My application needs to know when a timeline has reached its end, so I put there an Output that sends a string. Everything works OK, but my application has to manage two connections: A client connection to issue commands - and to receive both errors and command ID tags for acknowledge A server connection, to which WatchOut will connect to send the string defined in the Output cue when the moment comes. I'm asking if there's a way to handle both streams of communication using only the client connection. ®f
  2. Hi. I'm writing a C# application that will interact with WatchOut. I will send commands and receive notifications. To do that should I open two connections, one as a client to issue commands to WatchOut and another as a server to receive notifications from WatchOut Outputs? Is there a way to get Outputs in the same connection I use to send commands - and to receive errors? Thank you for reading. ®f
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