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  1. I tried, but there was no change - just to let you know, since not seeing HAP Q content in production isn't a big deal at the moment.
  2. Some questions on the getStatus command: - what do the first parameter do? - In the answer from WO, 2nd parameter is for stopped/playing/paused, 3rd is the position in msecs, what is the 4th? The time since WO power on? - How do I unsubscribe from the getStatus stream?
  3. May I ask where the "Example 3" comes from? In the WO Users' Guide the getStatus command is documented only in its parameter-less form. I'd really like to take a look to more in-deep documentation, is that possible?
  4. I observed this behaviour on the production PC, without connecting to the watchpax... I expected WO using Windows time, instead it seems to be using UTC...
  5. Hi. I managed both the power-up via WOL using the MACaddress and the shut-down using the powerDown command - @jfk I issued authenticate 1 and it worked I am curious: is there more in-deep documentation of WatchOut commands I can read? Ciao ®f
  6. The production PC performance looks solid - that HAP Q content plays out nicely on VLC, for instance. I tried to uninstall the VidVox codecs - I read somewhere on the forum that WatchOut uses its embedded codecs... but I'm confused, since without the VidVox codecs WatchOut crashed/mismanaged the HAP Q clips. I reinstalled VidVox codec and everything back to "normal". HAP Q content works ok but mis-previews... It isn't a big problem, since I asked the video makers to export all media in HAP-HAP Alpha format. Thanks!
  7. Thanks Quim. I cannot find that command in the WatchOut 6.6 command list. Is it a somewhat hidden command? Do you know where I can find documentation on that command and on other misterious commands like that? Thanks ®f
  8. I am wondering: is it possible to handle the powering up/down of a WatchOut player machine in an external software, achieving the same results as in Production's menu Stage/Manage Display Computer/Power Up/Down? I see no reference in the Control Protocol, I guess the answer is "no".
  9. In WatchOut.Production I can't see a proper preview of HAP Q content. HAP content are previewed flawlessy. On the WatchPax I'm using for playout both HAP Q and HAP play flawlessy. Is there a way to correct this behaviour? I'm developing a software solution that will work with WatchOut.Player, but while developing and debugging I need to interact with the Production, in order to check statuses and stuff on the fly (which secondary timelines are playing, which are paused and when others got killed). Thanks. ®f
  10. I am experiencing the same behaviour (Italy, CEST, UTC +2). Can't WatchOut be instructed to use system time?
  11. Hi. In Messages window i see all the timestamps with a +2 hours against system time. If I get an error @ 9:00 AM, in the Messages window I see it labelled as 11:00:00. Is this by design? Has it to do with timezones? (I work from Italy). Is it possible to change this behaviour?
  12. An entry that you define in the Output Window, in my case one that sends a string with TCP protocol. My application needs to know when a timeline has reached its end, so I put there an Output that sends a string. Everything works OK, but my application has to manage two connections: A client connection to issue commands - and to receive both errors and command ID tags for acknowledge A server connection, to which WatchOut will connect to send the string defined in the Output cue when the moment comes. I'm asking if there's a way to handle both streams of communication
  13. Hi. I'm writing a C# application that will interact with WatchOut. I will send commands and receive notifications. To do that should I open two connections, one as a client to issue commands to WatchOut and another as a server to receive notifications from WatchOut Outputs? Is there a way to get Outputs in the same connection I use to send commands - and to receive errors? Thank you for reading. ®f
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