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  1. Ciao MauFir, it seems that we talked about it a lot. Also I have given to you some suggestions to try. You are always welcome at our office with the server so that we can better check. Sai come trovarmi... A presto, Claudio
  2. Ciao Caleidocane, abbiamo già parlato del tuo problema e ti ho già suggerito cosa fare. Come sai puoi chiamarmi quando vuoi. A presto. Claudio
  3. Ciao Ezio, did you try to install asio4all? It should solve your problem. I'm going to contact you for better support. Claudio
  4. Hi Mario, we are also offering Magewell USB Capture device that works very good. If you are based in Italy, you can email me directly: claudio@mectech.it Claudio
  5. Ciao Umberto. it depends on the capture card or capture box you are using. You can call me anytime and I can try to help you. Claudio
  6. Hello, it depend on what you are going to do with it... As you seem to be in Italy, I can give you more support if you contact me: claudio@mectech.it Best regards (ciao), Claudio
  7. Hi Luigi, if you are in Italy then you can contact me directly at claudio@mectech.it So I can help you. Claudio
  8. Did you put all the cues at the very same time in the timeline? Have you tried to put some delay between each cue, let say 200ms? If you are in Italy you can contact me off forum...
  9. Makkot, if you are in Italy, you can contact me off forum for further help. Please send email to: info@mectech.it Best regards, Claudio Ceroni
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