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  1. Hi, if you convert all files via FFMPEG to 44.1KHz you should have no more problems. Wo v6.3.1 and v6.4 suffered some bugs especially on 48KHz audio files. Also check the Drivers version of the Audio card you use, they could generate problems if they are too dated compared to the version of Windows you're using. I also advise you to always use separate Audio and Video streams in Timeline, some containers can generate annoying bugs if the program that encapsulated them does not maintain the standards. If you know by digital output from the Audio tab, verify that the one receiving your signal is aligned with the quantization frequency and that the connection cable does not generate too many disturbing Jitters. Good luck. Diego
  2. Hi, Have you tried to run it through FFMPEG and see if it fixes some Header or structure that QT doesn't like ??? I often solve many problems by doing so. Diego
  3. Hi, Do you also have Brightsign installed on the same network ??? Diego
  4. I am testing version 6.5 and it should be fixed. I've seen a noticeable change in file transfer speed compared to v6.4.1. In the meantime I verify its stability since in the last versions it has unfortunately disappeared. Best regards Diego
  5. Hi, in several cases I solved by putting the NDI flow into an auxiliary task and then putting a jump back on its timeline. In this way, once set to play, the jump will keep the flow always active, otherwise the NDI driver, if it does not hear a regular flow, pauses the streaming to save on the network data flow. This function cannot be changed since it is intrinsic to the NDI driver. Best regards. Diego
  6. I found that the problem exists only on Display computers in versions v6.3.1, v6.4, v6.4.1 (the v6.5 I have not tested to the end) with Win10, and the solutions I found are only paliatives to bugs that are dragging on for some time . Problems encountered: 48KHz 16bit WAV LPCM file during a free-running if you put it pause on the computer Producer continues to play while on the computer Display stops problem sometimes found only in the main timeline and not on the auxiliary timeline (v6.3.1) problem encountered even with TimeCode tracks generated at 48KHz 16bit WAV and put in the Main Timeline WAV 44.1KHz 16 bit audio files made with Logic Pro for Mac, they crashed the Production (v6.4) with Logic Pro for Mac have another problem happened that after some time the WAV it went out of sync with the loops and the Logos on the Display computers came out without giving errors on the Producer (v6.3.1) problem sometimes encountered even with conversions made by MediaEncoder Solutions currently adopted: conversion of files via FFMPEG to WAV 16bit 44.1KHz creation of 44.1KHz audio files with programs other than Logic Pro I hope this can be of help waiting for the continuous bugs repeated in multiple versions and that have been generated by v6.3 onwards are definitively solved. Best regards. Diego
  7. Good morning, there are often needs that I have not yet seen integrate and that I would often need. The list for practicality: OSC In / Out protocol Dante In / Out Protocol MIDI Out Protocol NDI Out Video and Audio Protocol A coutdown for videos that can be added to the STATE window or separately and can be sized as desired You can decide in the Tasks the size of the STOP and PLAY keys Possibility to color BACKGROUND TASK TITLE in a separate and independent way Possibility to color CONTROL CUE in a separate and independent way Possibility to color BACKGROUND LAYERS in a separate and independent way Integrate a real hot backup system (with a Master and Slave system) for the Producer A multipoint Warping system similar to that of Panasonic or Epson but maintaining the curvature management that already exists Create a multi-layer Warping system similar to the D3 Desguise Have a window that allows you to see and possibly force the Display Computer EDID without having to log in Remote and do it on the Driver You can import SketchUp * .skp files into the media without having to convert them To enable a grid or a measurement tool in the STAGE that allows you to accurately calculate the mapping of the pixels used or displayed To convert, if you wish, the VIDEO in HAP directly from the MEDIA window (Desguise has released the HAP Encoder for free) Thank you for your attention. Best regards
  8. Hi everyone, regarding the MPCDI protocol I wanted to know if someone has already used this format and with which types of cameras it is possible to use it in the future with Watchout 6.3. Thank you.
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