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  1. Good morning, there are often needs that I have not yet seen integrate and that I would often need. The list for practicality: OSC In / Out protocol Dante In / Out Protocol MIDI Out Protocol NDI Out Video and Audio Protocol A coutdown for videos that can be added to the STATE window or separately and can be sized as desired You can decide in the Tasks the size of the STOP and PLAY keys Possibility to color BACKGROUND TASK TITLE in a separate and independent way Possibility to color CONTROL CUE in a separate and independent way Possibility to color BACKGROUND LAYERS in a separate and independent way Integrate a real hot backup system (with a Master and Slave system) for the Producer A multipoint Warping system similar to that of Panasonic or Epson but maintaining the curvature management that already exists Create a multi-layer Warping system similar to the D3 Desguise Have a window that allows you to see and possibly force the Display Computer EDID without having to log in Remote and do it on the Driver You can import SketchUp * .skp files into the media without having to convert them To enable a grid or a measurement tool in the STAGE that allows you to accurately calculate the mapping of the pixels used or displayed To convert, if you wish, the VIDEO in HAP directly from the MEDIA window (Desguise has released the HAP Encoder for free) Thank you for your attention. Best regards
  2. Hi everyone, regarding the MPCDI protocol I wanted to know if someone has already used this format and with which types of cameras it is possible to use it in the future with Watchout 6.3. Thank you.
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