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  1. ... As for WoL; ‘SFP+’ was meant as a qualifier as I’d only ever use 10GbE over fibre/DAC and never 10GbaseT over copper due to excess heat and reliability issues with Aquantia NICs.
  2. No 10Gb SFP+ NICs that support WoL as far as I know; the SFP+ modules would need to be powered for WoL to work. I don't know about 10GbaseT as I avoid it due to heat & cable quality issues.
  3. This wouldn't work as the bug is induced by the amount of actual displays connected to (or emulated by) the display server, regardless of how many displays are part of a project. I will be manually transferring content via SMB networking in the mean time. This consistently hits the full 10Gb/s speed that the hardware is capable of.
  4. Hi Joakim, 6.4.1 is the only version that I have tried as this is a new build. I'm assuming this problem is a combination of Watchout transfer protocol and network adapter settings? If you could assist that'd be very much appreciated.
  5. 6x 4K60 HAPq files per display server. I’ve had to copy them manually to the Watchout ‘Shows’ folder which worked at the full 10Gbit line speed. When going online and letting Watchout push the files from production to display, the speed is ~300MBit/s, which for 150GB if content is not sustainable.
  6. I’m running a 6.4.1 display machine with 6x 4K outputs. When going online and transferring content, the network transfer speed is very slow, sometimes ~200Mbit/s. When transferring files to/from the display and production machines via Windows network sharing or benchmarking via iperf, the 10Gb network speed is maxed-out. Any reason for this slow speed within Watchout? Is this likely to be a bug?
  7. I’m seeing slow update times on 6.4.1 over a 10Gb network. Windows fileshare/iperf latency and bandwidth are perfect.
  8. Any update on this? Would love to have this simple yet obviously useful function...
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