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  1. Thanks for letting us know that you're at least reading this thread. What would be really helpful is some kind of high-level roadmap for Watchout, specifically in relation to the possibility of implementing major features like Notch, which would directly affect current purchasing decisions. Your competition seem to be much more open with their plans, which inspires confidence and leads to sales.
  2. None of the above techniques will work with high-bandwidth HAPQ files, for example; you will experience a flash of black unless you use the ‘jump to cue’ method of looping.
  3. Or Tyan Tomcat HX S8030 if you can make use of PCIe4.0
  4. Sounds like you need to contact the server supplier and request that they diagnose why their machines aren’t functioning properly. There are too many variables to list here. I have had no issues outputting 6x 4K60Hz from the WX9100 servers that I have built; there is no technical limitation with this GPU. For reference, I use Radeon Pro driver 17Q4.1 with Win10 LTSB 1607.
  5. Do not use Windows 7 with the WX series.
  6. Have you tweaked your display machines properly? It’s essential that the display setup timeout registry entries are properly applied when using multiple high-res outputs from a single machine, otherwise you’ll see effects similar to those you’re describing.
  7. Hi, thanks for the reply. 1. No, I have not been able to make the Dynamic Image Server work with any image type, only ‘Desktop’ mode. 2. Yes, the media is located in ‘D:\WATCHOUT\IMG\’, and the defined path is ‘IMG’ as per the user manual. I have also tried setting the path as a shortcut string when launching DIS. If the path is not set, or set incorrectly, the image icon does not show in the DIS window, and it doesn’t crash (but also doesn’t serve the image due to incorrect path). I’ve attached the dynamic image media item window below.
  8. Yet another request for NotchLC codec support. HAP quality is inadequate for many types of content and ProRes/TGA image sequences are too resource-intensive.
  9. I'm trying to use Dynamic Image Server to host PNG image files; Watchout 6.5 on Win10 LTSB 1607. When I add a dynamic image on the production machine and select the 'Desktop' option, everything works fine and I can see the desktop image on the display machine output. When adding a dynamic image with the 'Image' option selected, this causes the Dynamic Image Server to crash. I have tried using PNG and TIFF files with the same result.
  10. No, I would never use any M.2 drive in a production display machine; they all eventually overheat and throttle when run near the limit of their capability, even with active cooling. The boards are just too dense, and the controllers aren't designed for continuous operation at high load. We only use industrial PCIe SSDs which run forever without throttling and have capacitor-based power loss protection.
  11. All our machines are running 17Q4.1, all newer driver versions have problems with HAP playback (power throttling related). I have just tried running 6x 1080p60Hz displays from two of our W9100-based machines with the above listed software component versions; everything is working fine, no problem at all. It does take ~15 seconds for WATCHPOINT to settle down and show the logo screen with IP address once all 6 outputs are loaded, but aside from that, everything is working as it should.
  12. No problem with 6x 1080p60 outputs on W9100/LTSB 1607/6.5 here. Also running 6x 4K60 using WX9100 fine. Have you tried emulating EDIDs per port, one by one?
  13. I wouldn't use MP4 content or a consumer-grade M.2 SSD.
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