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  1. Thats not correct check Asus ws sage x299 İts support 4 ways slı and crossfire full performance with correct cpu you can check it from https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/WS-X299-SAGE/
  2. if i were you i prefer x299 platform because of max pci lanes . 9900k has only 16 pci lanes(wx9100 use 16 pci lanes) for example i7 9800x has 44 pci lanes it means in the future if you want to add uour system capture card your gpu works 8x speed . normally it works 16x . and other reason is ram z390 has dual channel x299 platform has quad channel ram .as a result it depends on what you need if you dont need use capture card you can use this system. finally samsung m2 ssd works hot .you should buy m2 ssd cooler .
  3. hi to all our pc config: asus ws x299 sage 7900x intel i9 32 gb ram wx 7100 graphics samsung 860 evo for OS win 10 1607 Enterprise LTSB and the update KB4057142. samsung 970 evo for Watchout 2 datapath capture card my problem is when i go online(only first time) there is error message like this of Stage Tier "Base" of StageList of Stage, 2019-07-19 21:58:08 Warning: Changed frequency from 60Hz to 59Hz. actualy everything works good after go online but every time when i go online i see this error message its annoying is there any way to solve this problem thanks...
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