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  1. I have been testing Wo7 for 2 days. The test system is W-2255 processor, RTX A4000 and 2 datapath capture cards (SD12 and LC series HDMI) and Magewell HDMI plus USB capture. There is a visible increase in performance. The only problem I can see is if you turn off the producer somehow. The display continues to work and when you open the producer again, you cannot cancel the current task. It continues to work, this is the only error I can see so far. In addition, for big shows, the producer's computer must be a powerful computer, not during the show, but during the preparation phase. Of course, if you are not going to use a separate computer as an asset.
  2. camera calibration is the best way and easy way . vioso or domeprojection supports dataton.I have done similar project but we didnt use dataton.but i know dataton supports vioso.my opinion 3d is hard way .if you have budget best way camera calibration also fastest way.
  3. we are using the asus sage x299 graphics card wx7100 2019 LTSC, I also had the same problem.in general, it was happening in alpha videos.what's more interesting is that when I applied the same tweak to the dell T-5820 server (rtx a4000), it worked perfectly. Adjunct Prefetch: OFF Hardware Prefetcher:the OFF Try these settings from bios and it will probably be fine..i solved it this way
  4. I would prefer xenon platform instead of high-end intel i7. Even if i7 is better in performance, it is more important for me to be stable. Also, if you are using hap codec, your processor is not very important. Graphics card and ssd do all the work. You can handle most projects with a fast ssd and video card.rtx A series is a good choice.i have been using rtx a 4000 for 8 month without a problem .we also use wx 7100 without problem but its a old card new amd card has a driver problem.we use Datapath and magewell capture card and both of them works well
  5. I've been using ryzen 5800h for 6 months. I haven't had any problems. My only advice is if you're going to use softedge blending, have a powerful graphics card.By the way, because I don't like win 11, I used it by installing win 10. But win 11 also works stable
  6. my advice is to use hap codec mov instead of h 264 codec mp4.dataton makes the same suggestion for loop videos.
  7. i think problem could be wx 8200 driver .i have no experience with 8200 but we use wx 7100 in our server .when we first build the system and used latest driver .we faced smilar problem.after trying various driver finally we decided 2018 q2 driver(everyone says best one is Q42017)
  8. you are right. this is new version .right now i am uploading ltsb 2016 but i am not shure you can buy 1607 activations key.its 4,5 gb and my upload speed is terrible.i will share download link after upload prosess completed edit:https://www.sendgb.com/upload/?utm_source=85nvqRStIrA&utm_medium=kN5Jeql83YALuz9
  9. Try Windows 10 Enterprise on Microsoft Evaluation Center
  10. I think there is no such thing as the best hardware or the best windows version. For example, most people in the forum say that the ltsb and ltsc versions are stable.but in my opinion win 10 pro is stable and same situation for wx7100 driver most people say 2017 q4 driver is the best but for me its not.what i mean if you have time for testing system so build your own server. otherwise i advise watchmax or watchpax cpu:i9 7920x mobo:asus sage ws x299 ram:8x4 corsair ram ssd:500 gb samsung 970 evo plus for dataton ssd :500 gb samsung 860 pro for OS graphics card:wx7100 I have built this system two years ago i tried win ltsb and didnt work i tried ltsc didnt work after ten days i made it with win 10 pro. every user has different experience with hardware and OS. as i sad before if you have time build your own server otherwise buy watchmax or watchpax
  11. can someone (who lives in asia region) record workshop and upload youtube or another website. Because normal people sleep at 4am 😉
  12. in my experience best radeon driver is 17.q4.1. not latest driver. i never had experience Newtek PTZ1 cameras but 2 ndi camera may force network if you use 1 gb ethernet card .two Newtek PTZ1 take over 200 Mb/s of bandwidth.so it a big problem.As i sad never experience ptz1 but i used via ndi 3 laptop same network with 10 gb ethernet card.
  13. you need blackmagic web presenter or another product like web presenter .its working with zoom i have done this several times .connect one of wo output to web presenter and zoom computer determine watcout signal as a webcam.
  14. you need 2 pc (has 4k output) for presentation and seperate power point two equal piece and also you need 2 4k capture card(or one capture card has two input) to capture presentation and finally you need Cuelight Master Cue its a remote controller that you can control two presentation at the same time .i never try like that before in theory it must work .but i think too risky because of synchronization
  15. if you only use 4 output you dont need wx9100 .i never try rtx 5000 but its expensive now. i prefer wx7100 or p4000 quadro both of them stable cards.i have been using samsung 970 pro with active cooler and until now never see overheat problem but if you are planning to use hap codec definitly buy Samsung PM1725b. i have two server pc and config like i9 7900x asus sage x299 ws other one EVGA X299 Dark, LGA 2066, 32 gb corsair ram 3200 mhz Noctua NH-U9DX i4, Premium CPU Cooler for Intel Xeon LGA20xx samsung 970 pro for dataton samsung 860 for os and active cooler for m2 ssd OS: win 10 ltsb 1607 we use this config. and never an issue
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