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  1. Hi Raul. I'm sorry, but your information is too limited to be able to properly assess what might be going on. Sure the production machine or any of the display machines isn't at it's max? For production machine, try to run with thumbnails to make it easier on it. No idea if suggestions make sense, given on the amount of information you've shared.
  2. With regards to geometry: Yes, it is definitely possible, although fairly limited and cumbersome. Individual geometry will be limited to a simple 4-point correction by using a corner tween. Workflow can be a small mindf*ck, but again, if tight on budget, you will be able to manage. With regards to blending = this will be trickier, but if the budget is so low you can't even afford a projector that has this build in... Yeah, I'd take on another gig.
  3. Ted, did you ensure the path on the production was relative? (Or absolute, anyway the same as specd in displaymachine )
  4. Hey guys, which tool(s) are you using to create a working EDID file wider than 4096? Looking for a 4608x1152@60 edid file but my regular tool (Lightware LDC) isn't working on AMD Firepro W8100. thnx in advance!
  5. Done this. No issues actually, none at all.
  6. Watchpax won’t give you edid management on the outputs and is lacking a framelock possibility on the outputs. Not my first choice for a large videowall. If you have the choice, why not go ahead and start doing some practical tests? You can spend all the time of the world on this forum asking for experience, but you will never get the perfect answer for your particular situation and everyone here capable of directing you would perform the testing themselves, regardless of their experience, before taking such a project into the live show environment. You’ll discover soon enough and w
  7. Can you share a pic of the task list? Also, when changing the timeline properties, do you close all tasks and then perform an update? (And then open the timelines again).
  8. 50min long? Might wanna try chopping them in 2 or 4 parts. How big is one file? I wonder what this does to buffer or whatever... Or at least try the same with a few short test files (5 minutes each or so)
  9. I would never use mpeg2 or mpeg4 for 4K playback. Please use HAP codec for this and all will be fine (imo). I use adobe media encoder with repetitive success. The latest version appears to have lost the Native HAP support, but if you have a subscription, you can always install the CC2017 version. Otherwise, there is a third party solution available for this, by Disguise.
  10. ??‍♂️ thanks for this completion! Can you shortly elaborate on why this (imo) additional setting is required? Would WO otherwise overrule gpu settings?
  11. Any particular desired resolution? And number of simultaneous sequences?
  12. Hi MisterK, you don’t have to do any settings for this in Watchout. You have to go into Nvidia control panel, advanced setting. Setup a sync master (one of the outputs) and slave all other displays and the rj45 port(s). On the next machine, use the incoming sync at the rj45 port for all displays.
  13. What Leonard said! And ps: setup appears to be solid for years to come (specifically for gallery / museum setups where you normally have more than enough time to tweak content to be most efficient).
  14. Walter

    Pause cue

    Nope, I second your opinion strongly! Would be really confusing if a file wouldn’t show when it hits the first frame. After all, I always sell WO as being basically a non-linear editing programme but without the need for pre-rendering and this behavior would really be out of line (and all reality). Feels like TS is referring to something like QLAB or such which is a total different kind of ballgame with its lack of timeline (although I love using it whenever convenient)
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