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  1. Hi, I'm having a weird issue there. When I updates my machines, they take content that they are not supposed to and it jams the drives. (I'm not in live update.) I've got a Watchout show that drives 46 outputs. My full canevas is 17733x2648 so we splitted it in 4 : Clip 1: 8868 x 1512 (top left 0x, 0y) Clip 2: 8868 x 1512 (top left 8868x, 0y) Clip 3 : 8868 x 1136 (top left 0x, 1512y) Clip 3 : 8868 x 1136 (top left 8868x, 1512y) I double check all my display windows, are in the right position that matches the clips. And even thoug
  2. Any change on this since 2014 ? I am working on a situation where I should be able to acces a WO display on site, with a WO-Producer located at the office. (no producers on site) We're using a router on witch I can connect with a VPN, I'm able to ping the WO-Display, and the Test Connection of Watchout is OK, but as I'm trying to go online, the display turns black and I have a message : "Network Error; Display Computer : No response". Both are running Watchout 6.3.1, and work when I'm in local.
  3. Is that what I need to enter in my string cue ? it doesn't seem to work...
  4. I'm trying to achieve that using aux timeline but I do not find the proper message to send. The mac address of the computer that I'm trying to wake up is 1C-EE-C9-01-52-11 its IP its subnet shouldn't it be " wolcmd 1ceec9015211 7" send by a string cue in udp on a string output with the correct network address and port ?
  5. Hi, for a future project, a client want to shoot a scene with projection and live action. The DOP wants to shoot in 24fps but the projectors (barco HDF30-flex) will of course be in 60p. Do we agree, that even if I genelock my AMD firepro graphic cards (with nanosycHD and AMD S400) and the cameras (arri alexas) all in 24p, the projectors will stay in 60p and I still will have some drop frames of black scanning ? So far my options are : - go LED - convince the DOP to shoot in 30p (and ad a motion blur in post) Do you see other options ?
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