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  1. I am working a project that has a wide digital canvas size of 29,952x1920 px. This will take two WO servers with AMD WX9100/6 output card and a AMD WX7100 4 output card to run. And the outputs on and the video cards will be set at 3840x2160. I am currently trying to use virtual displays to send the outside screens to the one computer and the center area to another computer. I am doing this because I was not able to get rid of sync tearing using my S400 sync cards. The outboard screens will have a small physical space between them and the center portion of the LED wall and I am going to use that space to hide any tearing that might occur. These are my current splits are: Left Screen = 5760x1920 Left Center Screen = 6144x1920 Center Screen = 6144x1920 Right Center Screen = 6144x1920 Right Screen = 5760x1920 I'm I approaching this scenario logically? Are there better techniques to handle large files that eliminate the issues of video tearing and playback performance? Can a video proxy be used with virtual displays? If so, how? If virtual displays can't deal with a video proxy then would I set the standard displays up to fit the 8 video pieces which would make them all custom EDID's? Would all of the output receive the same EDID except the last one? 1-7 our rendered at 3840x1920, output 8 is rendered at 3072x1920. Any input is much appreciated.
  2. What is the recommended video driver for Nvidia Quadro cards using Windows 10 Ent. and WO version 6?
  3. I am curious to see if any of one knows the interval of time between auto saves. I had an issue that happened roughly every 20 minutes and would like to rule the auto-save out as a possibility.
  4. I asked this question two years ago and I'm wondering if there is any news that Dataton can share in terms of a significant upgrade to WATCHOUT? As invested as I am in the software I'm disappointed that there has been no communication about what's next. I do realize that the next step in the evolution of the WO software is a big challenge and I think the user community would support your effort and understand that an exact release date (provided there is a new version in the works) is not always easy to pinpoint, so a little information about new features and improvements would probably help ease some worries. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your response Benoit. I have an answer for cotrolling the projector through tcp. Port = 4352 Shutter Open = $fe$00$22$42$00$64$ff Shutter Closed = $fe$00$23$42$00$65$ff I take no credit for the string code. Apperntly this was written by someone in India and it works on our projector. Cheers!
  6. I am working with an older model Barco HDX Flex 20 projector and I need to shutter the projector on and off at times. Has anyone done this that is willing to share how its done?
  7. Hi Gar, i think what your asking can be done. For instance I built a controlling web page in Watchnet that a museum uses through a tablet to control all the WO computers. The web page is in a closed system meaning you have to be on the network as the Watchnet computer. All you would have to do is make the control web page accessible to the outside world. Call me if you want to discuss.
  8. I finally got WO to work with Dante and my explanation is a bit embarrassing. Here is what happened. I created an input to control the volume and to mute the volume in WO. I made the input so BLOCKS from pixilab could control WO. At some point, before testing DVS, I or someone pushed the mute on the BLOCKS kiosk and unknowingly reset mute input to zero (see image). I never bothered to look at the inputs because I had sort of forgotten I made them. When I created a new WO file with nothing but sound media the DVS worked and that was my clue that there was something in my file causing the issue. I was ready to rebuild the whole file from scratch until I opened the input window and saw the mute at zero. In reality, the DVS and WO were always working from the get-go it was operator error, as a matter of fact DVS was very easy to integrate in WO.
  9. I'm having an issue using Dante Sound Card and WO. I have a two NIC motherboard and I'm running windows 10 and WO 6.4.4. I have set an IP address on NIC one for WO I have also changed the metrics priority to 1. The second NIC is for Dante and is set to auto obtain IP and the metric priority is set for auto. WO sees Dante VSC and is set to use it and Dante controller sees the computer but no sound shows as playing. I am playing 5.1 sound using a multichannel WAV file in WO. I have also used the DVSC before on earlier versions and Windows 7. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of issue? FYI, I also tried a USB NIC to see if that would help. It had the same result.
  10. I have been loading separate WO shows using the tenet. When the first show is loaded it works fine when I ask the second show to load it crashes and goes to the splash screen and I must send the load command again to get the new show loaded. Ultimately I discovered this issue using pixilab Blocks but I wanted to test it without Blocks. I was consistently able to reproduce the issue using telnet. Any idea why this is happening? I'm happy to upload the logs if you need them. Show*Server WO v 6.2.2
  11. Thank you for your quick reply Quim. That did the trick. A few more questions if you don't mind. When I did this before I to used a USB dongle as the Dante NIC, simply because that was the only way it seemed to work. If I have two NIC's on the motherboard do I need and USB NIC anymore? I was using WAV files using the “Wave Format Extensible” file format. is that still the best format to use on multichannel audio files? Thanks again
  12. It's been awhile since I have set up DVS for multiple channels. The last time I set it up the server was a Win 7 server. I am following what I did the last time, but the menu does not show the name of the NIC, it shows services. So I'm confused on how to get WO to have top priority and the Dante NIC to be second. I wrote about how to set up Dante in this post. Has anyone used DVS on a windows 10 machine successfully and if yes, could you explain how you did this?
  13. That looks like a windows issue to me. Dataton recommends that you use the Enterprise edition of Windows 10 (preferably Win 10 LTSB) and tweak the OS to their spec sheet and adding no additional programs to the computer with the exception of a recovery tool.
  14. As a power user of WATCHOUT software I am wondering when Dataton will be releasing a version 7 that has significant upgrades. It seems to me that the competition is not only gaining on WO but has surpassed it in many ways. Some communication from Dataton would be appreciated and I think much needed right now. I see the competition having webinars, instructional videos and engaging with it's users for feedback. Can you please communicate with us on the status of a serious upgrade? Thank you
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