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  1. In a show I was working on with a main and a backup both production laptops crashed several times doing different things like re-arranging a task or moving some media on the main timeline. I did not feel comfortable with this version.
  2. Just an FYI, you are using the program WATCHNET to schedule a WATCHOUT Cluster. It's hard to tell with so little information how the scheduler and scripts are set up. Somewhere in the start up sequence it looks like there is a line to run an Aux timeline which doesn't exist. Check the Scripts to see if there is a line for the Aux timeline. If you don't need it then remove it and make sure you have a line to start the main timeline at zero or whatever point you want it at. Can you take a image of the script being used at start up?
  3. Josef, I would imagined you’ve tested the machines Dataton is selling. Take for instance the WATCHMAX 6x4K. What are the limitations with virtual displays on that computer?
  4. Are you seeing any error messages when Watchout crashes? If yes, what do they read?
  5. I finally figured it out. The video that is playing along with the audio also had has audio embedded in it and was not tweened to zero. I was effecting the audio file but no the video files volume so it sounded like no difference was made by sliding the volume control. I knew it was something easy. Thanks for your help Rainier.
  6. I tried a the exact same formula on a different file for another WO installation and it worked fine. I can test if the formula works by playing the audio file on the producer computer and moving the input up and down. I’ll check the green F to see what it does and let you know. This file is the only one that I’ve tried that the settings don’t work. Maybe it’s a corrupt file. I’ll keep trying.
  7. I am trying to build a WATCHNET panel that controls the volume of a WATCHOUT show. I am using a previous installation I did early as my template for this project and have copied the input and parameter info. (See photos) I have set up a generic input called volume and a parameter on the audio file that should respond to that input. I checked my old file and it works as expected I try it on the new file and it does not respond. What I'm I missing? WATCHOUT 6.2.2 WATCHNET 1.4 I am trying to use
  8. Is the error coming from WATCHOUT? Is the laptop being used as the Producer or the display? Can you attach and image of the message you are getting? Keep the laptop clean of other programs (accept WATCHOUT) and follow the tweak list on all computers. The game you are trying to run could be the problem you are having.
  9. What Operating system are you using on the production computers and how many outputs are you using at what resolution?
  10. I’ve been using it for over 6 months as a plug in for Adobe Encoder. Easy to use and great results. I’m always wondering when to use chunks and how many to use. What are your thoughts on that?
  11. Jim, I went to the AMD 17 Q4 1 suggested by other operators and it cleared it up. No issues now. thanks for the response.
  12. It does seem like a video driver issue. I plugged the card into an older computer that had been working for years and got the same failure. Ill try the older driver and see if it stabilizes. Thanks
  13. I am building a new WO server and I keep running into the same problem. I’ve installed windows 7 Pro on a modern computer. I load all the drivers, go through all tweaks just like I’ve done many many times before. I open WO and it seems to work. I turn the machine on and off multiple times with no issue. If I put the WO license key in a USB 3 port and start WATCHPOINT, it works. if I shut the computer down while the license key is still in the USB port the computer gets stuck the next time it opens at the windows start screen and refuses to boot up. Nothing I do will get it to fully start so I have to start from scratch and reload the OS every time. The one driver that is missing during the install is the PCI controller driver. I’m using the most recent chipset drivers supplied by ASUS. Have you ever heard of this? Have you heard of any fixes for this? ASUS WS X299 Sage/10G 32 gb ram intel i9 7900x Samsung 860 Ssd for OS Samsung 860 Ssd for WO files Radeon WX9100
  14. Here are screen grabs from a WO installation that is using 6 channels of a Dante Virtual Sound Card. I'm new to using DVS in WO so I have more to learn and different setups may require a different procedure, but for this one is currently working using Win7 and WO ver. 6.2.2.
  15. The choice of what kind of production computer might depend on if your project is permenant or temporary. For temporary projects I tend to use a high end laptop. For enstance I will build and run a project for a week and then pack it up for the next project. I can use the laptop for creating and programming other temporary projects. Spending more money on this PC makes sense due to its usefulness later. if it’s permanent project then a mini computer like an Intel NUC might work great. Recently I purchased an ASUS UN65U-M021M VivoMini Barebones PC and added the components that I needed for the museum project. The computer was very impressive, powerful enough to program the project, very small footprint and it stays cool. Now that I’m finished programming the timelines, it runs WATCHNET to schedule the the Display computers. If you are looking for options that have warranty and service programs through Dataton then they have production laptops and rackmounts that would fit that need. good luck
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