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  1. I actually can't see an active cable on their website. https://manhattanproducts.eu/collections/video-cables?gf_185653=DisplayPort Cable&gf_185654=3.0 m (10 ft.)&gf_185687=DisplayPort Male%2BHDMI Male It should clearly say "active" in the description. The resolution doesn't say anything. The problem with AMD cards is that they only have two clocks driving the outputs whereas every output needs to be clocked. That's were the active adaptors take over.
  2. I have Parallels 15 running with Windows 7 Pro 64bit under OS-X 10.13.6. No issues here.
  3. Are you talking about the software WOcube 2.0 from Italy? If so, you'll find all the documentation of how to use this with WATCHOUT on their website.
  4. Haven't tried with 6.2.2 since this is already a bit old, I checked with the current version and couldn't see any issues. I tried to reload different shows into WATCHMAKER and also onto a display cluster using both variants of the protocol and all went well. Pls. note that the display computer is case-sensitive! Regards, Rainer
  5. After de-installing QT or other codec packs - which should not be installed anyway as described in the tweaking lists -, have you re-installed WATCHOUT again? Installing a driver pack will most probably steal the codec assignment from WATCHOUT's codecs in the registry and just de-installing the third-party codecs will not correct the registry settings automatically again.
  6. The actual question is: how many graphic card outputs are needed to fill your LED wall. WATCHOUT supports display servers with up to 6 outputs on one physical graphic card and you can network more than one display server in one WATCHOUT system. Each display server needs one license key. Apart from that, you'll need an extra license key for the production computer. This computer (often a powerful notebook) is needed to arrange your show and, in live shows, to operate the show. So the minimum number of keys needed is always TWO. BTW, if you are using more than one graphic card output f
  7. The file should be inside your WATCHOUT folder and should have a size of 1.952 KB. I It could of course be corrupt or not properly registered in Windows. I would de-install WATCHOUT from this machine, delete everything left over in the folder (maybe except your show folder) and then go for a clean install. Doesn't take long and makes sure that WATCHOUT registers all components again. Sometimes, updating an older version to a new version can fail somewhere.
  8. Take a look at this: https://www.wocube.it/home.asp# Maybe this can help as well.
  9. It's not possible to color tasks but you could sort tasks into folders to keep them sorted. Another good option would be to use https://universe-control.com/ It's pretty affordable and has a pretty tight control over WATCHOUT and many other devices.
  10. Hi,


    Read your post where you mention that you run different computers, including Mac.

    I have a question: For a specific application we use a MacBook Pro as a display computer (single screen) using Bootcamp. We experience a problem that we have not been able to solve yet.

    Although the show runs smoothly, sometimes everything simply freezes. Any suggestion?


    Note: we run the last version of Watchout 5.







    1. RBeddig


      Hi Michel,

      We're actually not using WATCHPOINT (the display software) on any Mac computers. The production software works ok under Bootcamp or for simple tasks even under Parallels Pro. WATCHPOINT uses as many cores as possible of a fast cpu and for certain aspects, e.g. all the tween behaviours, it also needs a capable graphic card with enough VRAM. MacBooks often have two graphic cards inside, one for the normal office stuff and a faster dedicated graphic card for more demanding software. The problem is that it is usually not that easy to tell the Mac which graphic cards to use for which software and Bootcamp doesn't make it easier since the (Windows) driver support is not very good for the Apple hardware.

      It could be that you're running into some RAM or VRAM issues or some background tasks push WATCHPOINT aside. Difficult to analyse. You could download the free software HWINFO and install it on your Macbook and a second Windows computer. The software allows to measure many relevant sensors of your computer hardware and can send this to the second instance running on your second computer. Here you can analyse whether something hits borders, gets too hot, too slow....

      Kind regards



  11. Microsoft.ink is usually connected to touchscreens and pencil use it seems. Are you using a touchscreen (Microsoft surface?) and are you maybe using a pencil while navigating inside WATCHOUT?
  12. Just double-click a cue and select "Cue Color" on the basic tab.
  13. In the latest versions of WATCHOUT, you can actually colour the cue in different colours.
  14. The graphic card won't support ASIO (at least I've never seen one which does) but if you see graphic card outputs on your sound output pane inside the Windows settings or using the menu of WATCHPOINT on your display computer, then the card supports audio over the video outputs.
  15. Hi, WATCHOUT currently does not capture any audio on any capture input (stream, NDI, physical input). Usually this is handled in the way that video goes through WATCHOUT and audio is bypassing WATCHOUT directly to the audio gear.
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