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  1. It's not possible to color tasks but you could sort tasks into folders to keep them sorted. Another good option would be to use https://universe-control.com/ It's pretty affordable and has a pretty tight control over WATCHOUT and many other devices.
  2. Hi,


    Read your post where you mention that you run different computers, including Mac.

    I have a question: For a specific application we use a MacBook Pro as a display computer (single screen) using Bootcamp. We experience a problem that we have not been able to solve yet.

    Although the show runs smoothly, sometimes everything simply freezes. Any suggestion?


    Note: we run the last version of Watchout 5.







  3. Microsoft.ink is usually connected to touchscreens and pencil use it seems. Are you using a touchscreen (Microsoft surface?) and are you maybe using a pencil while navigating inside WATCHOUT?
  4. In the latest versions of WATCHOUT, you can actually colour the cue in different colours.
  5. The graphic card won't support ASIO (at least I've never seen one which does) but if you see graphic card outputs on your sound output pane inside the Windows settings or using the menu of WATCHPOINT on your display computer, then the card supports audio over the video outputs.
  6. Hi, WATCHOUT currently does not capture any audio on any capture input (stream, NDI, physical input). Usually this is handled in the way that video goes through WATCHOUT and audio is bypassing WATCHOUT directly to the audio gear.
  7. If you control a display cluster, the cluster usually sends back information on the same ip port. Try the getStatus command or the ping command to see what comes back. You can also use IDs with each command and then the ackn will also include the ID to distinguish the answers. If you want to send commands from a string output of WATCHOUT, this would need a separate port and a TCP/IP server on the control side. There also used to be an undocumented feature, which would send strings to the control port instead. The trick was to use control cues and type something like :message
  8. Dataton created a new "wishlist" as part of their new support website. https://dataton.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portals The third option allows all users to post their suggestions. This database is also directly connected to the dev-team. Happy New Year
  9. It's a Windows error. Just googled and found this: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/msidll-error/7a9b3c16-71c3-429a-8751-3202524daf6c
  10. RBeddig

    Pax gear

    That's were the Hucht Copy Encoder/Decoder came in place a few years later which enabled to encode a CD to carry the control code in the LSB of the audio data. Not sold that often but very handy indeed. I also read the request for PAX gear and can check what I have in my huge "PAX and friends" storage but since I'm a few continents further west it might be easier if you track something down-under.
  11. I just tried to install v 6.6.4 over a previously installed v 6.6.3 on my Parallels Desktop and Windows 7 and this worked as expected. My folder is the default C:/watchout 6 folder. I don't have a second drive on my MacBook and therefore can't test whether the drive makes a difference. Can you de-install WATCHOUT, clear everything from the old installation folder (a few folders usually remain), install WO 6.6.3 or 6.6.2 again and try the update process once more? Just to rule out that something in the registry was weird (due to a previous update) which might have caused this error.
  12. สวัสดีครับ Kai, Contact me through a personal message and I'll send you a link to our server. Regards, Rainer
  13. You will need something to capture your graphic card output from WATCHOUT and convert this into a stream. The Blackmagic Design ATEM series could be one way to do it but you can also use a capture card on a second computer and some software like OBS, vMix etc. to mix and convert the signal for your stream. WATCHOUT is designed as a professional tool for multi-screen presentations with one or many synchronized outputs and renders the content live when it sends it to the GPU. It does not have any function to convert an output into an internet stream.
  14. The Windows 7 compatibility issue with mainboards is usually related to USB 3.0 drivers and there are a few workarounds to add a driver to the installer DVD. Regarding WATCHOUT 5 you should check "Dataton software - earlier version archive" which is pinned as one of the top threads in this forum. WATCHOUT 5 does not work on Windows 10. The latest version is Windows 8.1. You'll also need to install Quicktime.
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