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  1. I assume that you're running your system in a proven and known infrastructure (switch, displays, server hardware...)!? We've used WATCHOUT 6.5 in installations and I imported all of our 10+ shows of our Academy Training program into WATCHOUT 6.5 yesterday without any issues at all. Those shows consists of many different files and formats. I've seen one case which sounds a littlebit like your problem where the Microsoft Defender (Win 10) on the production computer blocked the transfer of files to the display computers. Have you tweaked your computers?
  2. The display servers send out strings every now and then into the network on UDP. If the physical network of all servers is in the same ip set they should all appear in the network window inside WATCHMAKER.
  3. You can use cluster name and display name instead of ip addresses. See the manual on page 43 for more details. ADDRESSING BY IP NUMBER OR BY NAME Display computers may be addressed either by name or by IP number (see “Computer”). In most cases, addressing by name is preferable, since it allows IP numbers to be dynamically assigned, thereby reducing the need for manual configuration.
  4. Can you try naming the computers instead of using fixed IP addresses?
  5. Yes, the "WATCHOUT dongle actually acts as a general key for all software products which need a dongle, i.e. WATCHNET, WATCHMAKER, WATCHPOINT or the Dynamic Image Server.
  6. This trick requires a WATCHOUT dongle in your computer and you need to go online, even if you have no displays connected for your test.
  7. Can you try to transcode some of the videos to e.g. HAP or MPEG-2 and try again? We have seen issues when a certain number of MP4 files tried to play at the same time. You're loading files around that time while others are still playing.
  8. Could be a broken file. What happens if you leave the 2GB file out? And just out of curiosity, what is the format of the drive on which the show folder resides (on the display computer)?
  9. We usually leave our servers running at trade shows once they're set up. Doesn't matter whether it's a big server or a small one. WP4 doesn't have a power switch and you can actually power it down by cutting the power (or, if you want to be nice to the device, send a powerDown command). To power on, just plug the power cable back in. It will boot into WATCHOUT. To automatically run your show follow the instructions in the manual p. 172ff. There is a script in the autostart file which can start your servers. Important!!! Only apply this script to one of your two servers if they're in the same show (cluster).
  10. The log files are in a folder logs inside the WATCHOUT folder. If you talk about google and amd driver update tasks, are you sure that you've applied the tweaking list from A-Z??? It sounds very much like a tweaking issue where some component tries to push into the foreground pushing WO into the background.
  11. OK, this was my guess. Thanks for sharing.
  12. May I ask which codec you used?
  13. If you overlay two screens in WATCHOUT the default behaviour is that WATCHOUT creates a soft edge mask. You can turn this off per display in the tabs of the display settings dialogue.
  14. I'd swap the images and (not at the same time) swap cables to see whether it is related to some disturbance or bound to a specific input. What happens if you change the resolution of the input? The dark part on the top actually looks as if you had a mask applied (display settings) or an automatic soft edge mask. Are your screens overlapping?
  15. I don't know whether you're using the main timeline for your show or an aux timeline. My standard workflow with virtual screens is to use the main timeline for the virtual screen mapping where I place the various virtual screens at 0:00, a pause cue at maybe 5 sec and a loop cue back to this pause cue to make sure that an accidental run command on the main timeline does not loose the mapping. The main timeline is always active! My actual content is then using one or more aux timelines.
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