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  1. saradanyal, are you sure you're in the right forum? This forum is not supporting DELL servers. It's a forum for Dataton WATCHOUT and related products.
  2. Yes, mindopera wanted to know which graphic card driver version you're using. Have you done all the tweaking required for WIndows 7? Have you updated any other software or drivers when you moved to WO 6.2.2? Delaying the start of WATCHOUT is pretty simple and might help if your graphic card driver or other components are too slow. Just use the "-Delay" command together with your shortcut to start WATCHOUT.
  3. The most important point is that the cue to loop back has to sit somewhere BEFORE the end of the video, e.g. 0.015 sec earlier. The point to jump too also needs to be AFTER the start of the video. Once the video reaches the end of the cue rectangle the graphic card will forget about it and needs to reload again. As long as you stay within the borders of the cue it will keep the file in the memory.
  4. A 3D model can be just a model with x, y and z coordinates but without a texture (pixel) flow defined by the UV mesh. To use it with WATCHOUT the file needs to have at least on UV mesh area defined. Usually this is done in Cinema 4D or similar software. You should check out the 3D related tutorial videos on the Dataton website: https://www.dataton.com/training/academy-training-videos
  5. Are you using one server for the LED? Which graphic card? Are you using a sync board? Is it NDI or NDI/HX you're talking about?
  6. Which audio codec are you using? Try a WAV file.
  7. We usually don't care so much about the throw ratio since this will be calculated by WATCHOUT during the calibration. But it doesn't hurt to measure it. The lens shift is measured manually by projecting a grid or any other useful image and by measuring the offset in relation to the image center.
  8. Our approach is to actually measure the lens shift and to type this in - locked. The rest will be done automatically when calibrating 6 points on the object.
  9. Using outputs on more than one server can lead to phasing. WATCHOUT is synchronizing over the network but not phase-accurate! If you produce your audio in a way that you don't have the same content on outputs of two otr more servers, e.g. using the other outputs more for additional effects, it would work.
  10. Sorry Claudia, This is a forum for Dataton WATCHOUT software and related products. To find help for Telestream Wirecast settings we suggest to look for forums there.
  11. What codec is used for those files? Have you installed Quciktime on your display computer? Normally there is no need to install Quicktime today but if WATCHOUT can't find an internal decoder for your files it might look for QT codecs as a plan B.
  12. Hi Matt, You can of course create sub-projects with just the screens/projectors for each project. It would be wise to define folders for the actual media beforehand to avoid confusion later on. Then you just program each part and create a consolidated folder which you then move to the other production computer. Once it is done, you can copy the screens from one project to the other by marking them and copy&paste. You could also copy the data into a simple text file using a simple editor. Do not use Word or any other formatted text. Then you can copy complete tasks from one project to the other. WATCHOUT will also move the media files to the other show. You might need to clean up your media window afterwards. Last step for me would be a consolidation again to make sure that all files are in one folder.
  13. To solve the problem, you need to test step by step what is wrong on your side. To add a lot of media files, I would not use live update. Add (some of) your files and go online without live update. Then continue with more files. Once all your files are on the display computer you may switch to live update. It will take a moment to analyse and cache the files but then it should work. WATCHOUT 6.4.1 takes longer to cahce files than other version of WATCHOUT. Try WATCHOUT 6.5 whether it works better for you.
  14. This part usually means that you don't have enough space on your display computer. Very often the reason for this is that you have installed WATCHOUT under programs (Windows default path) and not on your probably larger and faster drive for your media. WATCHOUT stores your shows in a subfolder inside the WATCHOUT folder. This points to an issue with the file format. m4a is a codec which is not standard on all computers. Check this link to find out which audio codecs are supported: https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/audio-problems-using-mp3-in-watchout
  15. I guess you're using LIVE mode!? In LIVE mode you can see cryptic error messages when you add media. The reason is that WATCHMAKER asks WATCHPOINT to show the media while the media is still travelling to your display server. You can just ignore it.
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