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  1. Have you check the log files of WATCHOUT or the logged events of Windows for a clue?
  2. And here is the missing link.... Dataton Serial Smartlinks.pdf
  3. Hi Jon, Don't you have anyone who can solder the cables for you? They seem to be pretty straight forward and don't have any active components inside. To make it fit to the locked output of the SMARTPAX, I'd just use the actual subD plug without the cover or, if you can still get hold of something like this, we sometimes used very simple molded RS232 extender cables and just cut the wrong side off. /Rainer
  4. Not to my knowledge. Have you tried to use some simple telnet commands to simulate the commands of the script? I'd start using something like PuTTY to send the commands one by one. This also give you some feedback from WATCHOUT which might help to trace down the issue.
  5. I usually keep away from auto-save as well. It's a feature for people who tend to forget to save from time to time while programming. I usually "save a copy as..." to a file myShow_date_time.watch when I think that it is a good time for making a snapshot of my work. Saving in set intervals might just save things which I actually want to get rid of and when reverting to such a snapshot I might not find it very useful. And don't forget to prepare a consolidated show once your ready or at the end of your working day preparing a live show.
  6. Difficult to say without knowing anything about how you build your project and how you prepared your content. Looks as if you just project a standard grid onto a half-sphere. Is it 3D projection mapping with a 3D model and correct uv mesh? Are you using a calibration system? ...
  7. If it's rather static, you could also give the "Computer Screen" media a try. It's basically VNC and will probably give you not more than 12-15fps.
  8. Well, you should be aware of the bandwidth of NDI signals. https://support.newtek.com/hc/en-us/articles/217662708-NDI-Network-Bandwidth In NDI networks, senders and receivers need to be counted. I.e. 8 senders sending 1080p60 to 8 receivers will need around 2.000-2.500 Mbps bandwidth in your network. If you go down to NDI-HX (more latency, higher compression), you'll cut this roughly by 1/10th.
  9. Hi Mikael, may I suggest to add this to the autostart.txt on the WATCHPAX units? Until now, it only included the network mask but not the extra parameters. Thanks, Rainer
  10. No, there is no show project to download. Check the tutorial videos here: https://www.dataton.com/training/academy-training-videos and here: https://vimeo.com/channels/watchout Skip the 3D videos for now since they might be confusing when you just start exploring WATCHOUT.
  11. Maybe you should be a bit more specific. When talking about a Blackmagic device, I would assume that you're talking about a capture card which takes your source signal (e.g. HDMI) and feeds this into the computer over PCIs slots or USB? You're talking about We stopped using Blackmagic devices quite some years ago due to the total lack of support and the quality of their drivers. Therefore I actually can't say whether there is a Blackmagic NDI encoder/decoder on the market or not. NDI is a signal traveling through the network, usually encoded by some hardware encoder but sometimes
  12. Sounds a bit like the network issue discussed in several posts in the forum already. Are you sure that you only have ONE open network connection on your production computer? When you played with NDI, did you change anything in respect to broadcast (UDP) messages on the network?
  13. Might be that the WX8200 is not supported in the 17Q4 driver. If you want to give it a try you can contact me for a download link to my server. WATCHOUT uses different decoders than the Media Player which can lead to different quality. To really analyse the problem opening a ticket at the support page might help.
  14. I just checked that we had something similar on a project with LTC @ 30fps and WATCHOUT 6.4. In this version, all incoming timecode was interpreted as 25fps and WATCHOUT was appr. 4 sec. ahead of the timecode while the timecode tester app in the WATCHOUT folder was accurate. This behavior was fixed in 6.4.1 and versions before 6.4 were not affected either.
  15. There was also a bug in an earlier version of WATCHOUT 6 (don't remember which one right now) where the incoming timecode and the WATCHOUT timeline position could be off by a few seconds with NTSC timecode. This was resolved shortly after so make sure that your WATCHOUT version is quite up-to-date.
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