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  1. AMD introduced some sort of power management in 2018 which will throttle down the speed of the graphic card when the system thinks that there is nothing much to do. Our favorite is still 2017Q4.1. We can't rule out though that a newer version of Windows behaves differently in combination with the various graphic card drivers.
  2. Sorry, didn't see it. I'm actually on a short vacation in Skåne right now but can check my stock next week. How urgent is it?
  3. Maybe you should add your location. Might make it easier to trace gear.
  4. Have you updated any software or drivers on your production computer? Some drivers, especially graphic card drivers can introduce really strange behaviors.
  5. Are you absolutely sure that the videos on the screen are positioned to not show even one pixel on the next screen set? I've seen situations where I dragged videos onto screens and by accident they were one pixel off from the top of the screen (screen at 100/100 and video at 100/101). In your case, with no space between the screen groups, it would lead to pushing the content to the next screen set as well. If all your content is designed to fit one of the regions each, why not putting some space between the screens. The move command (Ctrl+M) and the feature to mark more than one
  6. I would try to adjust the shutter time. Most projectors run on 50 or 60fps. You might be able to force the graphic card to a lower resolution like 23.98 but this would probably require a programmable EDID manager behind the graphic card output or even better an active scan converter. Page 202 of the RZ970 manual states that the projector supports 23.98 at 2.048x1.080 and on page 200 I see 1.080/24p for the other inputs. A graphic card will only output such frequencies if the monitor's EDID states that the monitor can take it.
  7. If you don't have two open network connections on your production computer, which is very often the cause for this problem, you should check that TCP/IP and UDP signals can travel through your switches and that no firewall is blocking any ports.
  8. Depends on how many timelines you want to control. A combination of control cues, F1....F12 and "0" or "space" might do.
  9. Where did you grab the Art-Net data? On the WATCHOUT production computer? And are you really sure that you're sending the data on the right universe? I briefly checked the manual of LightKey. They start the addressing scheme from 1 while WATCHOUT starts the addressing scheme from 0. So universe 1 in LightKey should be identical with universe 0 in WATCHOUT. A good tool to check where data is sent too is Artnetominator (https://www.lightjams.com/artnetominator/).
  10. If you use the Companion App, you can start, pause, kill any auxiliary timeline or you to any named control cue inside a timeline.
  11. I actually can't see an active cable on their website. https://manhattanproducts.eu/collections/video-cables?gf_185653=DisplayPort Cable&gf_185654=3.0 m (10 ft.)&gf_185687=DisplayPort Male%2BHDMI Male It should clearly say "active" in the description. The resolution doesn't say anything. The problem with AMD cards is that they only have two clocks driving the outputs whereas every output needs to be clocked. That's were the active adaptors take over.
  12. I have Parallels 15 running with Windows 7 Pro 64bit under OS-X 10.13.6. No issues here.
  13. Are you talking about the software WOcube 2.0 from Italy? If so, you'll find all the documentation of how to use this with WATCHOUT on their website.
  14. Haven't tried with 6.2.2 since this is already a bit old, I checked with the current version and couldn't see any issues. I tried to reload different shows into WATCHMAKER and also onto a display cluster using both variants of the protocol and all went well. Pls. note that the display computer is case-sensitive! Regards, Rainer
  15. After de-installing QT or other codec packs - which should not be installed anyway as described in the tweaking lists -, have you re-installed WATCHOUT again? Installing a driver pack will most probably steal the codec assignment from WATCHOUT's codecs in the registry and just de-installing the third-party codecs will not correct the registry settings automatically again.
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