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Watchout 7 and video content with embedded audio


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Hello, I'm trying  Watchout 7 for the first time and I really like all the new improvements and the new graphic interface. I have a question about how audio playout works. On Watchout 6 when it comes to play a cue with video and audio embedded, was not possibile to select witch display computer plays audio. Most of the time especially when I was working with more than 1 Display pc the only solution was to extract the audio track and play it on different layer, in this way I was able to decide witch display will play the track but this is a very time consuming process.

Will this change in the new version? it seems is still not possibile to route audio without extract it from the clip.

Thanks in advance.

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49 minutes ago, jfk said:


Yes, it is true, in both v6 and v7, embedded audio is not recommended. However, in v7, the new asset manager pre-processes all media. If there is embedded audio, the v7 asset manager will automatically split this into separate video and audio components and place them in a composition. Once that is done, you may specify which audio renderer plays the audio component.

Ok thanks, do I need a license to see the asset manager de-embedding video and audio?

I have a little of confusion about how licenses work in watchout 7..

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42 minutes ago, jfk said:


However, since the asset manager is now a seperate component, you may choose where it resides. Furthermore, the license may be shared among components on the same computer. So the asset manager can be placed on the renderer computer.

so if I have a setup composed by a notebook that I use as producer and a display PC where I assing asset manager and runner service, can I do a show with only one license connected to the display PC? Do I have any downside on this configuration?



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10 hours ago, Walter said:

Yes, this setup is possible. The downside possibly is that depending on the hardware configuration and what you're asking from it, playback can suffer from the render process in the asset manager. (so uploading a latest version of the a video during show, which is possible now, could interfere with fluent playback). Other practical downside is that you'd always have to program with the display pc connected to your producer. Otherwise, you could program with the license connected to your laptop, but afterwards you'd have to transfer the assets to the display PC, (if by that point you'd want to move the asset manager to the display PC to save a license).  As far as I can see those are the biggest issues.

Thanks for the explanation now is clear. Last question, in a small gig scenario, can I use only 1 computer with license connected? If yes, how many output can I get from it?

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