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  1. That is interesting. It seems that is the exact issue we are running into, about 2 seconds ahead for us. We tested last night with Watchout set to drop frame rather than non drop frame and this seemed to align the visual with the audio. Very strange since everything has been build around NDF. We run the show tomorrow and I will report back if this fixed the issue.
  2. Thank you JFK and RBeddig for you help. We have been able to achieve stable timecode input into watchout. It turns out that the timecode plugin for Ableton was wavering based on tempo, Watchout did not like that and we have moved to using a striped audio track. The new issue we are having is the sync between the video track and the striped audio track sending the timecode from Ableton. The video track in Watchout is consistently ahead of the music click track that is playing along side the timecode. Specs: 29.97 NDF (setting in watchout) Striped audio file 48k, 8
  3. I am working on a project and receiving timecode for show control. When timecode is being received, the main timeline does not sync with the external timecode. There seems to be some drift. Both the video file, timecode, and wo settings are all 29.97 NDF. Not sure why this is, hoping someone might have some input. Thank you, Joeartist
  4. Thank you for your help. It is true that the projector will support those refresh rates but it is only over SDI and we are cuttingly running HDMI. However, this is a possible solution. Currently the DP has adjusted their shutter speed to accommodate the 60fps of the projector. I attempted to force a custom EDID from the graphics card however that did not work. Possibly because, as you state, I would need a EDID manager or Scan converter between the graphics card and projector. Thank you for your help.
  5. Thanks fjk, If I am understanding correctly, my options are adjust the frame rate in camera to help eliminate the flicker or put a synch card in the WO server and synch both to a common reference. The camera's current frame rate is 23.98 and after some research that is not a supported refresh rate of the Panasonic projectors, thus I do not think they system will adjust to their camera settings.
  6. I am working on a project that is being recorded with a projection screen in the background. When the camera sees the screen there is flicker in the image. This, I believe it due to a miss match in frame rate of the camera and the image refresh rate of the projector. However, when looking through the accepted input signal of the projector it seems to only accept video signals in 50Hz or 60Hz, unless the input is SDI. Also, when I look at the graphics card resolution options only 60Hz is an options for the refresh rate. Does this mean that this projector will only refresh at 60Hz? Thus, we need
  7. Hi jfk, Thank you for your thoughts. I will check to see if the graphics card supports either of those protocols. Thank you
  8. Hi All, I am working on a project and there is a discussion about having a live stream of the video and audio content. I am currently thinking that I would take another display output and capture that at the streaming computer. I am curious if I can pass audio from WO through the Video Card output that is captured by the streaming computer? I think this would be the simplest way for sync of image and audio? Maybe there is a better way to accomplish this? Any thoughts or advise is appreciated. Thanks!
  9. I am working on a system design where there is a redundant backup system, however, am stuck with one aspect of WO TCP/IP and Serial Commands to control the projectors. If I have both production computers receiving midi and those computer are talking to separate WO display computers, how do I prevent the video projectors from seeing 2 control commands over IP (e.g. shutter commands)? The only solution I can com up with is use serial com ports from each computer to the projectors with an AB switch and not use IP to send those commands. Any other thoughts out there would be helpful.
  10. I am using the 3D projector feature of Watchout to track some moving panels on stage. However, I am noticing that when the panels cross in front of one another Watchout does not shadow or mask the image that is intended for the up stage panel from the down stage panel. Is there a setting that I am missing or do I need to re edit the .obj file so Watchout sees these elements as solid objects? Best, Joeartist
  11. Hi all, This is interesting because I am having the same issue. I am running just 1 display machine that is out putting to 2 Barco RLM W12 projectors and 1 computer monitor. It seems that when WO is in a pause state or idle the projector receive black for 1-5 seconds or loses signal and are sent into search mode looking for a signal. Not sure if the is related to EDID but I am pretty sure the Gefen DVI ELR lite extender over cat5 has EDID management, at lease it is set to use the downstream EDID. WO 6.1.4 Windows 7 Any thoughts why this is happening?
  12. I am experiencing an issue with a WO system that I am programming. The image that is outputting from the graphics card through 2 blended projectors randomly goes black. Usually this stays for 3-10 seconds and then the image returns. This only has happened on 1 projector at a time. System Specs: 2- Barco RLM W12 (1920x1200) Projectors using both DVI outputs on the Graphics Card. 1- Computer monitor (1600x900) using the Display Port output WO 6.1.4 Windows 7 (display computer) Windows 8 (production computer) Graphics card: AMD Radeon R9 390 Gefen DVI over cat5 extender to projec
  13. I have an intermittent problem with a video clip not appearing on the projector when it is played on the timeline. When the pause point is fired from an external midi trigger it does not appear for .5-1 seconds. When it does appear it is into the clip at the point at which it would be if it started playing when triggered … it just did not display out the projector. The clip does appear on the production computer in the stage window. Typically the cue runs just fine, but this problem does show up intermittently. The clip was 1920x1080 MP4 H.264 30fps. We re-rendered it as a MPEG2 192
  14. Hi all, I am trying to send a serial command to a projector, however, keep getting a message "Invalid Serial Port Name" Any thoughts on why? I am assuming I have something setup incorrectly but and not sure where. Joe
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