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  1. I have two feature requests. 1- a way to feather the edge of content as a tween. This should have falloff settings and potentially the curve for the falloff. 2- a way to add a drop shadow to a piece of content. I know this can be done in photoshop, but it would be cool if it could be actively tweened for its position relation to the original image, distance, falloff, and opacity. 3- Stroke around content, same options as photoshop would be ideal 4- Inner shadow, again, like photoshop with tweenable parameters. Sorry if these are posted already. I tried searc
  2. Thanks Jim, will the ID tagging help me get status for more than 10 aux timelines in the subscription method? How does the ID tagging work with subscription? Does it just prefix each response with the same ID? I have another unrelated question. WHen I try to authenticate on my system, I have to send the command three times. The first time I get "Error 7 0 "Unrecognized command:" The second time the response is "Error 7 0 "Unrecognized Command: "authenticate"", and then the third time I get "Ready "6.5".... I send the same exact string command each time. Thanks You should no
  3. Im very surprised that the workload can affect this. It seems like such a trivial thing to send out. In my case, i need to monitor many more than 3 aux timelines. I will most likely need to monitor 10-14 of them. I dont need position, more of if its playing or stopped. Ideally subscribing to the timeline folder should provide the state of all timelines within that folder. I also need to find out more about the command ID.
  4. It looks like the subscription setup only sends data if a timeline is playing every 5 seconds. Is there a way to adjust that? Secondly, I see the data at the end on an aux timeline.. First integer is play status 0=stopped, 1=paused and 2=playing. The next number is the playhead position in milliseconds??? The third integer is some type of system time, also in milliseconds? Does this all sound right? No one from dataton has contacted me, even though I sent an email. Is there a specific contact I can send a message to, to get more information about the API? Thanks again.
  5. Ok where can I find more info about aux timelines status and subscription options and command switches?
  6. Hi guys, I dont see a way in the manual to request status of the aux timelines. I need to know if they are paused, playing or stopped, as well as the playhead position. Is this possible? I also saw in another posting there is a subscription method for control systems to use. Where can I find more documentation on that? Nothing is included in the standard manual. I have a project where we are using a few display pcs without a production pc, and some custom software running it all. We will have many aux timelines that we need to get status on. thanks Jason
  7. @Mike FahlWhere can I find more documentation on the subscription model? I dont see anything in the standard manual. Thanks Jason
  8. Can we add the ability to set a preference to have the "Click humps to time" option under the timeline menu to be disabled on show load or opening the production software?
  9. So the controlling system, medialon is not really the issue here. Its really just watchout not chasing timecode correctly. Positrack or not, we are not using that function, and we just want watchout to act as a playback deck, while medialon tells it which show to load, and watchout waits for timecode. We are installing a behringer umc22 audio interface today, and getting rid of the balanced to unbalanced adapter cable. Some people feel that some interference on the unbalanced audio line to cause issues. I really hope this will solve the problem. I am not looking forward to getting th
  10. Is there an approved list of audio interfaces that use USB for timecode input? Or what have people used for this before and not had issues on 6.1.6. I hear the WDM driver is a nightmare. I am getting a behringer UMC22. Jim Kellner said that behringer has been known to work, but there is no certified/approved list of hardware. I would even accept just a list of products that have been known to work. thanks
  11. Could this issue come from the wrong type of timecode selected on timecode mode? I would suspect our sync with lips would not be correct if it was set wrong. I would also assume that this issue would occur on every occurance timecode was to be chased, correct? Does the timecode test tool show the type of timecode correctly, or you just have to know?
  12. Ok, the shows we are running are about 3 minutes long. The timeline length? So if timecode runs longer than the length of the timeline, errors will occur? I think the default lengths that I saw are over an hour, but I will make sure they are correct. We are doing about 10 seconds of pre-roll, but this issue shows up almost immediately. This doesnt happen very often, and its hard to replicate. Also, all the 8-10 shows we run medialon does the same exact set of commands, sets timecodemode to on and sets the type of timecode. This issue only comes up about every 24 hours, since
  13. Hey guys. I have a display cluster that is being controlled by medialon. We are having it chase timecode from medialon. Medialon sends a load show command with a timecode mode command. We are having issues of 1 out of about 20 timecode starts, it doesnt chase correctly. We are running 6.1.6 since none of the new versions seemed to work right with timecode. We have other devices listening to timecode and they work fine. I have used the watchout timecode test tool and my levels are set correclty (about 75% of the bargraph). When the problem occurs, the playback jumps all ove
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