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  1. Hey guys, after reading all the sync related posts I could find, I am still no closer to solving my issue. Here is what's happening. I am trying to play 1 video file across 2 Christie FHD461-x 1920x1080 native displays. Each display is being fed by it's own output on the same display computer. Unfortunately I am losing sync once the animations start to speed up. Output 1 on the bottom is animating slightly faster than output 2 directly above it. I have tried splitting the content up into 2 pieces and using a video proxy (not sure if this is even needed when using just 1 display computer), howe
  2. Hey guys I could not find any info on this anywhere. Is this possible. Can we speed up or slow down the playback of individual videos in Watchout? This has been requested by a client. Thanks
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