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  1. Hello, I have a show in 3 hours. We are running VGA into our server and I need to make it work. It keeps reading display settings not available. How do I change the display definition? Should I change the resolution settings in the computer? If so to what? Please email me at carrierav@gmail.com if you are able to trouble shoot with me.
  2. It might just be that it crashed. However, could the display computer crash and not the control computer? The program does not freeze on the control computer when this happens. What does happen is a loss of my content (and an ugly windows screen, and or the Watchout logo showing up) via the projector. Thanks for the input so far. Carrie
  3. I am new to using Watchout6 and today I have encountered the same issue twice. On both occasions my control computer notified me that connection the display computer had been lost. My projection went form my Watchout image, to the windows screen. After checking and re-checking all connections to no avail, I was forced to shut off my display computer manually. Upon restarting everything was ok and connection was re established. Has this issue happened to anyone before? I can only assume its either one of my ethernet cables or the license keys? It has not happened before today, and has not h
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