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    Different techniques in watchout
  1. Oh... you have a point jfk. I'll try it fist on my personal computer.
  2. Actually, we have'nt done anything yet
  3. Good thing you told me about installing that filter in display pc as well. Tnx alot
  4. I'm just scared to install any software in our WATCHOUT production PC. I'm afraid that it may cause chaos. anyways, thanks Miro and jfk! You guys help so much. I'll try to use Directshow filter.
  5. does the directshow filter wont affect the operation of watchout?
  6. I tried to record color bars for 1 minute in panasonic AJ-HPD2500 with DVCPROHD codec. I transfer it to my flash drive and tried to import to watchout but the watchout cannot recognize that file. I wonder why? Is it because watchout doesnt support panasonic p2 mxf?
  7. Hi guys, I just want to ask if do you have list of file formats which can recognized by watchout. I tried to import .mxf format and it show message like "file cannot recognized"
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