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  1. Wow great find Morgan! Client used telnet and was able to get the pre-splits to to play. Just did not work on auto-start, for autostart, i renamed the WO file to something very simple to ensure that was not the issue. But again, it worked for other media, so WO file name was not the issue.
  2. As far as the name of the file matching the Display name? Yes. Does WO handle that differently online versus autostart?
  3. One additional note that just came to mind. These pre splits *might* not have worked on a previous version of 6. That might have been why client updated to latest version. Either way, I have never run across pre-splits working online but not from autostart before, in any version.
  4. I recently ran into an odd issue with pre-split video playing from an autostart script. Client had recently upgraded to 6.6.5, and the playback hardware are two watchpax 2's that are about 4-5 years old. The pre split video is either .mp4's or .m2v's. When online from production with the show the video plays back fine. But when the show is restarted offline with an autostart script, no pre-split video will play, just black. Images will play, and so will text within Watchout. Also the video will play from autostart if I take them in as individual videos and line them up in the timeli
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