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  1. Good Day, Hi, thanks for faster response we can do now custom resolution with the gtx1080 card, but we're still waiting for the active cable/adapter to arrive to test again the 3x4k monitors
  2. Good Day Everyone, I just want to ask if there's someone who already tried or experienced using Matrox c680 x16 as gpu for watchout? Thanks,
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm new in using watchout. Does anyone here experienced using Matroxc680 pcie x16? Because I'm using GTX1080 and I'm planning to switch to Matroxc680 pcie x16 because it's cheaper and it has 6 outputs, each output can out 4k resolution. Is Matroxc680 pcie x16 is better? because I'm having problem with GTX1080 in playing video with 12k resolution in watchout. I will highly appreciate all your comments and advice. Thanks,
  4. Good Day Dataton Community, Hello Dataton Community! I'm trying to use my watchout server with GTX1080 video card in 3 pcs 4K monitors. HERE'S THE SITUATION I'm playing a video with 12800 resolution and I'm expecting that it will run in 3 pcs 4K monitors which is equal to 12k resolution but it always having error. I've tried using the 2 screens with the settings of 1080 resolution and the other screen set up to 4k resolution and it works. I'm figuring out what's the real problem why I'm always having error with 12k resoluation using my 3pcs 4k monitors. I don't know if the problem is in the cable that I'm using because GTX1080 has 5 outs.. 3 Display Port, 1 HDMI, 1 DVI. I used 3 HDMI cable but the other 2 cables has DP adapter on it. Does anyone tried using GTX1080 in playing video in 12k resolution? and Does anyone here have experienced in using Matrox c680 pcie x16 on your watchout server? Because if GTX1080 doesn't work in playing 12k resolution I'm planning to buy Matrox c680 pcie x16. Because it's cheaper and it has 6 outputs that can out 4k on it each output. Thanks Guys I hope someone can help me with this problem.
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