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  1. Thank you so much ! I can play the audio on Production PC ! Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.
  2. I'm using Version 6.6.4 on Windows 10. No sound is played. The timeline is normal. It is strange that it is not displayed in the application list. Is there a solution? I'm sorry for my poor English. I would be happy if my feelings were conveyed.
  3. Hi, Erik. Thank you for teaching me in detail. I am using Adobe Media Encoder and it may be difficult to codec to Hap. Because it does not correspond to Hap family. So I will try it on H264.
  4. Thank you, RBeddig. I did not check it, so it was usable with the old version. So, what is the most stable still image or movie file format? Or how about with Alfa channel?
  5. I am using WATCHOUT 6.2.1. When WMV video is put on the timeline, it can not be previewed on the stage as movie. Played as a still image. And the audio icon is not displayed and can not be placed on the stage. Because of that, audio is not played, as well as WAV and MP3.
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