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  1. Finally got some time to work on it. Thanks for your help! Got it working after some changes. Had some challenges with the Cluster and Online mode but its working perfect! First time using this forum and I am not disappointed😉
  2. Thanks you both for you work! I still need to try it, but it looks good. The only thing i am worrying about is the Online thing. In production mode, you must be online for this to work. ... The thing is the Watchpax will be used stand alone. There will not be a production computer. Will it work without a production computer?
  3. No problem, not in a hurry. If you can help me before Friday it would be great. 😉
  4. Well I am new to Watchout and I could not find this function. our reseller did also not know the solution. Can you explain how to set up the function you describe. for sure: The only thing my Controller can send is DMX. I can't sent a TCP or UDP command from my controller.
  5. I am curious why you would not control master audio mute at the audio system? There is no audio system behind the Watchpax. it goes straight to the speakers. ??? Why? Do not set audio volume with the DMX input, simply multiply all audio tweens by the input value. DMX is used for more than controlling the watchpax. When you want to change the volume you need to change the programming in the DMX controller. When we get a mute/unmute we can set the volume in watchpax. That seems unnecessarily complicated. One channel at 0% for off/mute and 100% for on / unmute would make more sense would it not? agree when possible this situation is better.
  6. Hi all, We need to mute and unmute all audio by DMX. What i know you can is with DMX controlling the complete audio volume but that is not ideal. I need one channel to mute the audio and one channel to unmute the audio. Is there a possibility to do so?
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