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  1. Hello, Having done a bit of reading-up on H.264 it seems that the AVC-Intra variant of the H.264 is may be one of the highest-quality ones to use. Does anyone have any experience using it with Watchout V5? Any issues? I've got a production house that's desperate to use ProRes but Dataton don't recommend it so i thought AVC-Intra may be a reasonable solution. thanks iosman _________________________ https://tweakboxx-app.com https://tweakbox-app.net https://tweakboxx.net
  2. Hello, I have a Questions about VisionRGB-E2S Capture Card, I would like to receive capture the Cam(Sony NEX-VG30H) source 1080p 60fps, I expect to come out 1080p 60fps I tested the results Noise occurs. 1080p 30fps output to be?? thanks iosman ___________________________________ California air tools 10020c
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