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  1. Hi, When I was planning my next show I thought it is obvious that it will work but it turned out it doesn't. I need to capture into watchout some various inputs. Laptops, chromecast, appletv. I would like to select what is on the screen with midi controller. Everything works fine but sound. As far as I know for now I cannot capture sound into watchout. So my question is how can I make my display's speakers play sound only from device that is currently active? On the forum others say that I should go directly to my sound system. But how can I control my audio mixer with watchout so when I change a visible source only sound from that source will be heard. I hope I made myself clear enough to get some help with that issue. The event starts in 2 weeks. Best regards, Kajetan Miłowski
  2. Hi, I have a huge problems on the show. Hardware: Intel i7 5930K, 32GB RAM, nVidia quadro m4000, magewell pro capture quad hdmi, samsung 950 NVM 512GB for media, samsung 850 256GB for system, Windows 7 pro tweaked, vidvox hap component installed 1. Trying to play videos in the loop by putting all of them in one task and adding cue at the end "go to 0.0 and run". When it happens I get a black flash. I tried also putting all the files into one composition and then playback on the pause cue with free running and loop checked. Most videos are in HAP, one or two files (small timer) are in h264 and I also capture two laptops. I checked for black frames in the videos and there is none. How should I loop them to get a smooth transition? 2. This one is more serious. Watchout display is randomly crashing and restarts a watchpoint. Production computer shows a network error. Which is because the watchpoint crashed. Watchdog brings back watchpoint instantly. I created a startup script to minimize damage. But still this is very frustrating and client is not happy with that. I can't imagine what it will be if it would crash during presentation. What could be the reason? Does it really have to crash when any problem occurs? Can't you make watchout to find all the possible problems during producing a show or a test run? Looking for answears
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