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  1. Hi all, I am Facing a very critical error, sometimes When i try to go online,the the loading screen appers on my production computer but does not load and if i cancel and try to go online again also it won’t load,I have to do turn off the display pc and then have to go online then it works. it happens sometimes,please can anyone tel me what is the issue?
  2. I Used Stream-deck application on my ipad but i am not able to assign keys like we do in midi and is there any way we could assign shortcut to our timelines? Like we do in vmix or any other multimedia software for example-clicking on “P” to play specific timeline
  3. Hi all, I wanted to use watchout with my ipad or iphone not for running the show but for show rehearsals and getting things approved from the client.I just wanted to do things in a bit fancy way🙈 can Anyone Suggest the easiest and Best Possible way To to do it?
  4. Hi all, I wanted To buy a midi Controller I have tried Korg NanoKontrol and apc mini. I was exploring,Does anyone Know any good & unique midi devices. i wanted To use something different for shows. please give suggestions Thanks, rahul
  5. I am having an issue I am Using Custom Built Server i am facing an issue, i am getting delay in live feed which is causing an error in Lips & audio Match. server Configuration: i9 processor x299 board 32 gb 3x512gb-Samsung SSD Capture Card-Datapath-VISION-SC-HD-4+ windows 10 pro i am taking camera directly through hdmi to watchout. input details: digital video- 1080p-60hz i have tried changing frequency as well but still there is delay. Can Anyone tell me how to reduce this delay?
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