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  1. Thanks Miro... So to make sure I understand this...other than installing Watchout 6.2.2 and the Echofire drivers...is there any other software needed to use it as WASAPI device?? Is configuration done within Echofire setup or just in Watchout? As for the cable you sent link on...you are saying you could use it for timecode input...and something like the Audiofire for output... both happening concurrently?? I just want to make sure before I commit to using this in my next big project that I won't get bitten and have to backtrack... Thanks for your input! Scott
  2. So are you talking about something like a Behringer UMC404HD which has 4 input and 4 output being a possible solution with 6.2.2?? or other specific idea of a place to start?? I know it says audio devices are too plentiful to specify which ones work or not...This is not terribly helpful when there are still issues like this... I really would like to use 6.2.2 this year for my shows...specifically as 5.2 has always had some weird sync issues...but also there are other features of 6 I would love to take advantage of... Thanks for your help! Scott Britt
  3. So we have waited to actually start using version 6 for almost 2 years now as there has been so many concerns about audio and timecode... All I want to do is have Watchout chase an Audio SMPTE LTC master clock and output several tracks of audio...we have been using the ECHOFIRE 8 - Firewire units with 5.2.2 Watchout forever now... I just read in the latest 6.2.2 release notes that ASIO still does not support LTC input...So what about WASAPI?? I'd really like to take advantage of some of the new version 6 updates...we purchased it when it first came out... I'm even ok with purchasing a different audio unit if needed...but I feel like I need confirmation LTC input will work with whatever we go with... Scott
  4. So have been longtime WATCHOUT user...We have been using the ECHOFIRE firewire audio modules for input and output with version 5 for years... Will this new version 6.2 work with them?? if not what hardware has been tested already?? I understand the ASIO standard, etc... We also run with SMPTE timecode so need something that will still allow that SMPTE input and then 6 or so tracks of audio output... Appreciate the info Scott
  5. So is there any way to keep the track number and labels on the left of timeline window from scrolling independently from the actual cues in the timeline?? I don't remember this happening in older versions but am working with a much more involved set of timelines...and so also have more timelines running...and it is quite annoying that the labels move independently... Any way to lock them together? Thanks Scott
  6. So am using a MIF-4 by Rosendahl in GEN mode as master SMPTE source for Watchout and other various devices such as lighting, effects, etc.... The MIF-4 timecode mode is set for 30 - ND When you run the Watchout Time Code checker program on the signal it says it is SMPTE-NDF in it's detection... So the Watchout - timecodemode setting that works seems to be 5...which is SMPTE-30 (B&W) according to manual... I'm just making sure that SMPTE-NDF in the timecode checker and timecodemode=5 are the right combination...
  7. To do proper calibrations on projectors/displays good reference patterns for color, greyscale, contrast, brightness, pluge are necessary...I have a test pattern generator as I have done the ISF and THX certification classes...but often this is a real pain in a Watchout install...as it isn't the easiest to get the test pattern into the system and to where you need it... Does anyone know of any reference patterns available as TIF/PNG files out there?? I know it would not be in most the commercial sources best interest to sell such...but thought some of the "society" types or Dataton may have come up with some collection of test patterns for such purposes?? Thanks much! Scott Britt
  8. Thanks but that is not the issue...we ran this system with same settings last year...this is one of the rack mount computers from Showsage... and now we have seen it with another older Watchout system that just got upgraded to the new software... The case is correct on the text...I just typed it quickly...
  9. I am setting the timecode type in the "CMD.TXT" file: authenticate 1 timecodemode 5 load "xxxxx" run
  10. So we have used Watchout since version 3...and have now had a problem show up several times during shows that I need assistance with... A little background...The systems are Watchout systems on Windows 7 - 64 bit...running 5.5.1...on SSD drives with extreme I7 processors...the problem has been now seen with two completely different systems...with two different show files... All of our shows are locked to a master SMPTE (LTC) timecode source that is fed into WATCHOUT via a AudioFire Pre8...both systems do have the same hardware...Asus Sabretooth motherboards, etc... Occasionally, perhaps 3 times out of 70 shows...the Watchout playback would start out "sync'd" and quickly get out of sync with all other SMPTE devices tracking timecode...this out of sync actually worstens as you get further from the start point...as much as 1.5 seconds off by the end of a 30 minute show has been noticed... Upon checking further...we tried simply stopping Watchout and re-starting Watchout...same result...it is reproduceable within the boot session... A Reset of the computer WILL fix the problem...and all is good...until the next in-opportune time that it decides to do this...Rebooting a 4-projector fed Watchout display computer in a show environment is not something anyone really wants to consider...while rolling... These same machines ran version 5.2 last year and never saw these issues...now I have seen this at least 3-4 times...I'm going to have to start running several minutes of show ever night on bootup to make sure that sync maintains...this SHOULD NOT be necessary... I hope someone can shed some light or at least acknowledge this problem...I feel like I never know when something will not be sync'd right...and since the Watchout system is also providing the audio playback for the show...it is serious if it is out of sync! Thanks in advance for your time! Scott Britt Interlaced Productions
  11. Hi there... So has anyone had any issues with getting a command txt file to work with 5.2?? I added the string to the "target" in the icon properties...just like I always have and like it says in the current manual...and watchpoint pretty much it ignores it...just launches WO 5.2 and gives me normal display computer IP address, etc... I thought I had something wrong in the command.txt file...but I then went and changed the name in the properties to a name that no file existed...and it did the same thing... I need the display PC to chase timecode...and I have done this oh so many times...any suggestions welcome! Thanks scott
  12. Good on the 5.1 release change.. No actually it didn't like that a Internet router was attached to download some media we needed...once the router was detached (and the router was set to work with IP range of network) all worked fine... The production software was not "online"...I do not recall if it was turned on...but I checked the Production PC first... Scott
  13. So believe it or not it was that there was other "network traffic" on switch that the display computer was attached to... I wasn't concerned about this as I am only using one display computer reading SMPTE...I wouldn't even have it connected to the network except that Watchout requires it... I have isolated it on it's own switch now...Suggestion would be to fix the bug that Watchout must have a network connection even when used as stand alone with timecode! It is a real pain...(and yes I know of the built in loop back...)
  14. First show with version 5.0... Timecode reads fine with WO 5 timecode tester... I am using Timecode straight into the display PC...When I engage the display software with the "txt" file that loads my show and sets the TIMECODEmode it chases...but is constantly starting and stopping every second or two...both in audio and video... I am using a MOTU box to generate Timecode and tried various levels, cables, etc...(same hardware as I ran in version 4.3) I am using a M-Audio Delta 44 box to input and output sound on my display PC...which is a Windows 7 - 32 bit, ATI 6950, all recommended "adjustments" to windows... Everything runs fine when running the show through Production PC Any suggestions would be helpful... Thanks Scott Britt Interlaced Productions, LLC
  15. There seems to be many new issues with WO 5 and audio files...I couldn't convert my V. 4.3 shows until I removed my WAV file soundtrack...it appears WO 5 is picky about the exact WAV file codec used...I finally got it to open with Windows WAV file, but it errors when trying to display the WAV form... Seems like the feature could use an OFF button...I am told it is because I am using a 35 minute WAV file... When are we going to see an incremental update to 5.0??
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