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  1. I'm buying a new computer (PC or MAC) and I wanted some advice on hardware. Stuff like duel core processors, RAM, SATA drives, which graphics card, how many screens etc... This is what I'll be doing with it: Designing shows using Watchout Compositing in HD using After Effects Editing using Premiere Photoshop Budget is around £1200 Any advice anyone has would be gratefully received! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your help Dan. Do you or anyone else know what the widest video file possible? Watchout seems to be able to take a 4500 pixel wide mov file, but not one that is 9152 pixels wide. Does anyone know what the maximum is? Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone I'm trying to create a single 9152 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high video file in Adobe After Effects for use in a Watchout presentation. Basically one massively wide video file to fill the entire Watchout screen for an event I'm producing for Europe's largest permanent 'digital gallery' called Fusion. The Fusion screen is produced using 5 seperate PCs feeding 5 big video projectors. Here are a couple of links so you can see the venue: http://www.theforumnorwich.co.uk/venue-hire/venue/fusion-digital-gallery http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/norfolk/hi/tv_and_radio/newsid_7977
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