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  1. Thanks very much, that answers my questions. I did see the stickies, and read the one regarding multi-output and others, what was unclear was that Dataton is touting that multiple displays can now come from "one computer" (per official watchout 5 page), whether multiple computers are no longer necessary or multiple *display* computers are no longer necessary. I will have to admit that I just read through the Watchout 5 user's manual, and of course there it shows separate production and display computers still in use.
  2. First of all, I profusely apologize if this info is readily available, I swear I've been searching like mad. With the new Watchout 5 multi-display capability, my assumption is that now you can theoretically run 6 displays from a single production/display computer and one dongle. Is this correct? Or do you still need a single production computer and a single display computer (driving multiple displays), and 2 dongles? Or, even though you can run multiple displays from one computer, does the program ask for a dongle for each display? If the answer is obvious to all, I'll explain that I have programmed a couple shows in Watchout 4, but I have had nothing to do with the hardware setup; however I will be involved in buying projection hardware/software for an upcoming project.
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