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  1. The problem is with enterprise. I have fixed the problem with the windows 10 ltsb installed.
  2. No problem if I connect the monitor to the computer 2,3,4. If only 1 monitor is connected, it hangs during the upload. Using Windows 10 and version 6.3, you will understand what I mean if you try to upload a png image.
  3. Hello there, can someone please test for me? windows 10 enterprise (full Tweaking) ver 6.3 single screen. amd w7100 ver17.q4.1 try uploading one png image. you should see it installed in the loading section. If two or more displays are connected, there is no problem. it only hangs when the single screen is connected. thanks...
  4. file sizes for new codecs are too large. transfers are taking a long time. It would be great if there were 10gb ethernet.
  5. Is there a reason for not choosing a 10g ethernet supported motherboard in the new watchmax? thanks
  6. we are not trying to use different frequency. If the computer monitor is 59 and 60 Hz, it doesn't work in windows 10 and version 6 if it allows you to choose. If you have a single speed setting, it works properly if you can't choose like (60hz). This applies to 3 and more outputs. 1 and 2 do not create problems.
  7. I agree with all you say. also windows 10 version 6 also does not work with mst hubs.
  8. <invalid link removed by moderator> Hello there, bios tweklist e can not reach, would you help? thanks
  9. hello, Is there a way to run version 5 with windows 10? thank you..
  10. When I want to synchronize via dataton, I have to make the settings again every time I restart the computer.If I do not make the setting, I will not use sync. The client is shutting itself down after a while. When I disconnect the s400 and wx7100 intermediate line, it does not matter. or I turn off sync.motherboard x99they already thank you for the answers.Sorry for the translation.
  11. Hello, How do I synchronize 2 computers with S400 and Blackmagic Sync Generator Home Sync? I think it is healthier to do with Blackmagic than with the software. is it correct? Thanks...
  12. Hello again, It will be a final responsibility. WatchMax is using Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB. Thank you.
  13. Hello, we are very excited about new developments. Happy if you answer a few questions. Does SDI allow custom resolutions? Do you have the Sdi edid feature? Is the SDi video card deltacast? How many license keys are there in WatchMax SDI for 12 outlets? Can we learn the CPU and RAM capacity used for 12 outputs? Does BlackTrax work only with WatchMax? , can we use it on our own computers? Thank you...
  14. Hi, I'm sorry I do not speak English . DataPath VisionSC-DP2 alternative Asus ThunderboltEX Dual may be.
  15. Hi, " Asus thunderboltex II Dual" Does compatible with Watchout ?
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