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    License Key

    Hi jfk, thanks so far, I didn´t know that its a package of 3 apps. Now I see there are 3 apps installed. Thanks a lot. Best regards, Murat
  2. murat

    License Key

    Thanks a lot for the information. I downloaded it already and when I start watchout, it comes with a spot that there is no license key found on the system. So how can I start without a license key?
  3. murat

    License Key

    Hi there! I´m new to watchout and I have just seen it one time working in a theater. I downloaded the application from this side because I thought I could test it out for learning and I had the information, that I don´t need a license key, when I don´t use any display computers. So just trying it out with one computer. Do I need a license key? And the next q is, do I really have to buy a full license for learning the software? Thanks for your patiency! Best regards, Murat
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