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  1. OK. Is there a Watchout Sysrem in Bangkojk?
  2. Looking for watchout system in bangkok, pls email me at pe@makingithappen.com.my.
  3. When 5.3 is install Image server works fine, After installing 5.5 it doesn't work as its Window XP, so i uninstall 5.5 and re-install back 5.3. The image server from 5.3 doesn't work as it flickers and display also 5.3 cannot receive. i tried this on other CPU also and it doesn't work as i have install 5.5 in those CPU before. But other CPU that has not install 5.5 before and using 5.3 image servers work fine. I'm confuse??
  4. Dear all, I had been using Watchout 5.3 for Production & Display CPU, and when using Dynamic Image Server is fine...but when I upgrade to Watchout 5.5, for production & Display & dynamic Image cpu, Dynamic Image server function having problem. When Production Timeline come to the Dynamic image cue, in Dynamic Server CPU will trigger the image and the image appeared, but it will blink, blink, however production & display CPU cannot received the image. I am running Window XP on all my CPU, is that the reason, because Watchout 5.5 best operate in Window 7. Thank you. Regards, Gary
  5. Would like to find out the following: 1) Can i use 2 or more image servers on one setup? Yes Cool Illusions, on 15 Jul 2013 - 14:21, said: Cool Illusions, on 15 Jul 2013 - 02:33, said: if yes, how do i do it ''Take the signal from your source to a distribution amplifier and send the signal to a capture card on each Display computer. On each display computer, set the input settings the same for each signal - all the same input # for the same signal.'' Isnt the Image Server running on netwrok, why do i need to use the capture card?
  6. Do i need to update WO key to use 5.5?
  7. Dear all, Would like to find out the following: 1) Can i use 2 or more image servers on one setup? if yes, how do i do it 2) do I use the URL base images to capture twitter? or is there any other way beside using capture card (as I have only 2 capture card in the system) Can all of the above run together in one show. My Watchout set up is running 3 projectors on 3 Display CPUs that has 2 capture card each CPU. I need to show 5 different sources on the screen. 1) Live TV full screen 2) left hand side of the same screen, top side Live Promo playing from laptop (Power point) and bottom side showing update of game from laptop (software ) 3) Right hand side of the same screen, top side Live feed from camera, bottom side twitter Regards, Gary
  8. Hi Jonas, I want to create something like what Datoton did for Palme or infocomm, where they control WO with IPad. I want to control the X,Y,Z, Scale, Opacity, touch & drag, etc......with iPad! I'm also able to use the image server to insert photos to WO using production, but not able to do it with iPad! How to take photos from iPad and send it to image server and to replace the next photo?? Gary.
  9. Sorry for the late reply, been trying and trying, maybe I don't really understand the way to do it! I have been using watchman and flash and I,m not able to communicate or control the productions CPU, tween tracks, etc..... I can control the display by creating my own control using watchman. How do I go about controlling production, The user guide doesn't give us the source code to control the tween tracks, etc...or tell us how to do it??
  10. Hi There, We have tried programming our own external control (remote) to control the display, but then u a have limits to what it can do, we are looking at creating one that can control the production. Like what Dataton did for their exhibtions. Where we can control Midi, Dmx, fades, movements of tween, etc...... How do i go about it??? Regards Gary
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