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  1. I figured it out. all is good. thanks again for your quick response.
  2. Thanks Jonas. I read the manual before I posted, but I am still lost on how to open a port. Not sure how to do this. How do I open a port using telnet on a windows 7 machine?
  3. Does anyone know the command line to open a port for Watchout? I am would like to authenticate and use a few basic commands like stop a show or put it in standby using TCP/IP.
  4. I would like to get my shows on a schedule to end every Friday at 5:30pm. Then, I would like the watchout workstation to shutdown and restart some time later. Recap stop a running show quit watchout application execute a windows shutdown restart windows restart watchout run the show Is there a way to automate this process? I assume watchout scheduler is part of the workflow.
  5. The watchout system is a standalone system. Shows are launched by application shortcut with CMD.txt script. How can I delay the start of watchout?
  6. I checked both startup folder locations on Windows 7, did the watchout windows 7 tweaking. The problem happens after a second restart. The show will start, then freeze, then go to black. Or it will hang on the Watchout logo at startup. The show only has jpg images, no audio. Show runs fine lauching directly from desktop. Any any thoughts?
  7. Does Watchout create any event logs for Production, Watchpoint or Dynamic Image Server? If so, where can I find these?
  8. Having a bit of trouble with Dynamic Image Server updating photos from SWF file. We have a simple photo check in station for visitors to take a photo and add name + location. This data is sent to a app server. The SWF on the dynamic image server pulls photos from a url coded in a xml file. the photos and xml data lives on the application server on the same network. Watchout will load a batch of photos once, but new photos from the app server are not updating in watchout. I just see the old photos. Does Dynamic Image Server prefer local images versus network?
  9. Tried Watchout Remote and it works very well. The scheduler app connects, and I see my two displays, make them active and able to make a program. The problem comes when I drag the program to the calender, the program never starts on the time I want. I can drag the program to a past time and the program will begin. But no future time slots will active a program. do you keep scheduler open or closed after a schedule is made?
  10. anyone have success with scheduler app stoping and starting a show? I have one program to run on two display machines, but not able to get Scheduler to start and stop on the times I want. Does Scheduler need to be on display computer or can it work on a standalone connected to same network? Any advice would be greatlyappreciated. Thanks! .
  11. Is there a way to JSON script data to Dynamic Image Server without using flash(.swf)?
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